Phoenix Design receives the Red Dot Award of Honour

As part of the Red Dot Gala event on 9 July 2018, the Phoenix Design team was officially selected as the “Red Dot: Design Team of the Year 2018“ with its design teams in Stuttgart, Munich, and Shanghai.

It thus take its place in a celebrated roster comprising great names like Apple, adidas, LG Electronics, Porsche, Veryday, Bosch, Blackmagic, and Canyon at the Hall of Fame of international designs.

Since 1988, the design team receiving the annual “Red Dot: Design Team of the Year” award is thus honoured for its outstanding overall design performance. This sign of true appreciation is highly respected over and beyond the design scene. For the first time after 13 years, it is once again awarded to an independent design studio: the Phoenix Design team.

With a consistently user-oriented design approach, Phoenix Design creates brand-typical products and services for its clients, focussing on the needs of the user and on self-explanatory interaction with the product. With “Logic, Morals, and Magic”, Phoenix Design has achieved top design results time and time again for decades.

With both the variety of client companies and brands, and the high significance, premium quality and innovation of the products designed here, Phoenix Design has been setting an exemplary quality benchmark for design studios.

The award of honour ‘Red Dot: Design Team of the Year’ is of the highest importance for our entire Phoenix Design team, and we owe it primarily to our team members who have created the success of Phoenix Design for decades. It is the most important award in the international world of design, honouring an outstanding team performance throughout several decades. We’re all enormously happy.
– Andreas Haug (left) and Tom Schönherr (right), founders and Managing Partners of Phoenix Design
Andreas Haug und Tom Schönherr


Successful Awardees

Founded in 1987, the Phoenix Design team has been able to win about 200 Red Dot Awards: Product Design to date, in total 13 times Red Dot: Best of the Best as the highest award in the competition.

Over the past five years alone, Phoenix Design was awarded a “Red Dot” 44 times, three times with the Red Dot: Best of the Best for air conditioner Hybrid (Midea Group), service robot Care-O-bot 4 (Fraunhofer IPA), and kitchen sink combination C71 (Hansgrohe SE).

To the products

For its consistently top-class achievements and the impetus it creates, the Phoenix Design Team was now awarded the title of Red Dot: Design Team of the Year 2018.

Phoenix Design celebrating
Red Dot: Design Team Of the Year 2018
Phoenix is revolutionizing the discipline of product design. With a new understanding of how products need to be able to interact with the user, the team is creating real brand experiences, convincing not only the Red Dot panel of jurors, but also convincing me personally. I’d like to cordially congratulate the award winners for their well-deserved success.
— Professor Dr. Peter Zec (right), initiator and CEO of the Red Dot Award
Phoenix Design on Stage

The Phoenix Design Team celebrated its success together at Designer‘s Night in the Zeche Zollverein.
Phoenix Design Designers Night Party


Red Dot Gala 2018

After the presentation of 69 Red Dot: Best of the Best awards at Essen‘s Aalto-Theatre, Phoenix Design’s big moment had come. With greetings from service robot Care-O-bot 4 (left) and Nils Holger Moormann (middle), the “Radius” trophy was handed over to the founders Andreas Haug and Tom Schönherr as representatives of the entire team by Canyon, last year's winners. What a pleasure!

Phoenix Design on Stage

Phoenix Design presented its recent work with an in-house produced video.

Watch the Phoenix Design Team on stage at the Red Dot Gala:

Designers staring at the award

Close-by the Radius: At the Red Dot design museum Phoenix Design shows exclusively client projects of the past 30 years.

Phoenix Design Exhibition


PHOENIX at the museum

The day after the award winning ceremony opened the six-week special exhibition realised by Phoenix Design entitled “PHOENIX – First. Now. Next.”, in the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany. To see until 19 August 2018.

The Red Dot: Design Team of the Year 2018 presents self-designed products all geared to the needs of the user and to a self-explanatory interaction with the product.

Phoenix Design at red dot Museeum

As part of the exhibition, a video shows all PHOENIX employees stating thoughts from their design work at Phoenix Design in their mother language.


Design for Smart Living

If you want to use design to stand out from the crowd nowadays, you need a very different and broader understanding of design. Whereas in the past, companies concentrated on the individual product and product design, today things like strategic thinking, processes and systems and the communication that accompanies this development are equally important.
— Andreas Diefenbach (center), Design Business Manager and Member of the Board at Phoenix Design

The four Red Dot yearbooks 2018/2019 “Living”, “Doing”, “Working”, and “Enjoying” provide a vibrant picture of the design industry and its current developments.

Being the Red Dot: Design Team of the Year, Phoenix Design is immortalized in all yearbooks with a special editorial. On 20 pages the readers get to know the history and development of the studio, its philosophy and current methods of design work, including an interview with the PHOENIX Management Board.

Phoenix Design Board