100% for You
MyStiebel App
Focussing on
the essentials.
Less is more.
What does a person really need to conveniently control
the feel-good atmosphere in their own home? Which
information is important, and how does it need to be
structured for everyone to find their way quickly and
easily? As a result of our inter-disciplinary cooperation
with and for our client STIEBEL ELTRON, the MyStiebel
App has come to life – the start of a digital experience
and design language.
Right into life.
Get out of the basement.
Operation status? Temperature reduction mode? It’s not the reproduction of technological functions,
but the real needs of real people which are in the centre of our concepts. “When I’m leaving my home,
my heating is still supposed to do the right thing.” The scenes of MyStiebel are designed along the lines
of everyday needs, helping to increase the efficiency of devices.
Good climate is important to me.
There's still room for improvement.
100% transparency. “How much CO2 have I saved thanks to my heat pump, compared to a traditional gas-fired heating?” A climate to feel good in a double sense of the word – taking responsibility as a basic brand value, sustainability is being communicated to the end user as motivation and feedback.
I want to move something.
And increase my efficiency.
“Which part of the heating has my heat pump derived from the environment without any emissions?” A value which makes it easy to read the efficiency of the system simply on the Smartphone. Creating consciousness and motivating for improvement. Maybe what’s needed now is a photovoltaic system on top of my house? Then the values will go through the roof!
We'll learn from you.
We want to understand what you really need.
“I only want to adjust my room temperature. I don’t care about the rest.” The challenge consists in creating the App in a way that addresses absolute greenhorns and technology nerds alike. What all of them have in common is the desire for safety and security and a warm home. In order to be able to offer relevant solutions for our target audience and to validate the products and services we develop, we are continually conducting interviews and tests during the entire design process.
Understanding needs.
Identifying opportunities. Designing solutions. Developing prototypes.
Testing results. And much more.
Closer to the user, with each iteration. Content that people find relevant. A complex whole, easy to operate and aesthetically pleasing to the last detail. Right from the very first idea. And together with our cooperation partner all the way to the App Store.
With clarity and simplicity in interaction, we communicate the STIEBEL ELTRON brand values, creating their digital experience. Partnership starts with people: in the cooperation with our client, but also in the relationship of the user to the product. We are happy that we – together with STIEBEL ELTRON – are able to lay the foundation for a positive and consistent brand experience in the digital realm.