UX / UI Design

With the advent of digitisation and ubiquitous connectivity, our world is facing the challenge of making sense of new digital technologies. With the entrance of new disciplines, methods and tools we explore future opportunities with our clients to co-create a new, better future.

  • UX/UI Design

    Interactions with innovative products and services need to be intuitively comprehensible. Structuring, designing and optimising complex display content for a wide variety of devices requires a precise understanding of the usage context and the users' living environment. From defining the information architecture via compiling style guides, we design graphical user interfaces all the way to implementation readiness – perfect down to the last pixel.

  • Service Design

    People work more, have less time and yes: they expect more. Particularly with the proliferation of online mobile services, consumers turn to offerings that make their busy lives more convenient. The world is not becoming, but already has become a true service society, and design is not simply about giving shape to physical products. Rather, design is about designing engaging experiences that allow brands to delight people in their everyday. As part of our experience- and service-design practice researchers, strategists and UX/IX designers team up to envision for our clients how technology can help to make lives easier.

  • Visual Design

    Top-level visual design not only presents clean-cut technology and logical content, it also triggers emotions and atmospheres and conveys the attitude, statements, and associations that brands want to reinforce in the minds of their customers. This is especially important for those brands which want to transform into a digital brand, since the expression of digital products must not deviate from the character of physical products; rather, both worlds need to be harmonised perfectly in their respective look and feel. Our visual designers surprise our clients time and time again by their ability to transform the dynamics of their brand into digital designs.

  • Motion Design

    The advent of motion graphics has forever changed our interaction with screen-devices. Motion provides experiential richness and opens up entirely new possibilities of organising and conveying information. Be it animating physical products, crafting nifty animated icons or creating buttery smooth transitions in apps, our motion designers constantly breathe life into design- and experience concepts to make delightful digital experience tangible.

  • Information-Architecture

    In our connected reality, creating, collecting and conveying information is just half the truth. The key question for delightful digital or phygital experiences is what to do with those information, and how. Smartness is not a phenomenon that occurs in isolation, but rather through networked organisation of information and the clever coordination of ecosystems. Our UX teams go all the way to think the bigger picture and work on information architectures that enable speedy, stable and delightfully simple user experiences – this is our understanding of substantial UX design.

  • App Design

    Whether as an extension of an analog product experience or as solutions in their own right in the context of a new service – apps always change people’s lives, driving the ever-progressing digitization of life onward. We look after the entire development, from the initial concept via wireframing and prototyping all the way to implementation.

  • Automotive/Transportation

    Automotive and transportation spaces have long since become the extension of our homes and offices. With the normalisation of delocalised modes of living and working, as well as new technologies such as autonomous driving, we will be witnessing even more radical transformations of consumer needs and practices, ultimately challenging today’s notion of what we will be doing while in transit or in motion. For more than a decade, Phoenix Design has been partnering with the world’s most desired automotive manufacturers to shape the future of digital automotive experiences. With our pixel-perfect design-work on digital instrument clusters and future visualisation concepts, our UX/UI Automotive team is constantly exploring what smart living means in a context of mobility.