While innovation is the reward for hard, disciplined work, it is also about play, failure, learning and discovery. At Phoenix Design our design-thinking approach makes extensive use of our inhouse prototyping lab and model-shop where our designers and model-makers make ideas tangible – from rough hand-made foam models to high-fidelity interactive prototypes, we think with our hands, design with our hearts and deliver results that are real and feasible.

  • Design Modelling

    At Phoenix Design, we believe that people can only love things that have been designed with love for detail. The fluid transition of surfaces, the assertive counterweight in your hand and the very presence of the physical object – the total complexity of design that speaks to all senses cannot be ‘grasped’ through visualisation or description alone. As a firmly integrated element of the Phoenix Design creative-process, our designers and master model-makers think with their hands and elicit the immediacy and poetry of design with the aid of physical models. In our full-scale model-workshop our master model-makers can craft anything from rapid prototype to high-fidelity design-models that cannot be distinguished from the mass-produced product.

  • Mechanical Prototyping

    While new technologies are constantly pushing for the non-physical or non-movable, a large part of the objects that surround retain physical presence – and the need for mechanical design. Devices that open, close, lock and slide are here to stay, and they have to work. Our team of industrial designers, mechanical designers and model-makers is well versed in constructing and making mechanical prototypes – sometimes quick and dirty, and sometimes polished and refined, but always inspiring, convincing and clever.

  • Interactive Prototyping

    As designers of holistic product-experiences, mere physical models are often not enough to bring ideas and concepts to life. Particularly for consumer-electronics that work with original control- and feedback-technology (e.g. gestural control) and are connected to other digital devices, interactive prototypes are essential to evaluate and sharpen the product-vision, particularly at the early stages of a project. Our technologists, UX designers and model-makers are crafty tinkerers who can create interactive mock-ups with all the bells and whistles needed to help clients realise the business opportunity behind interactive innovations.

  • Digital Prototyping

    Especially when designing digital experiences for screen devices digital prototyping is a fundamental part of our agile development practice that we apply to tackle tricky challenges, explore innovation opportunities and finally find solutions that truly work. From rapid lo-fi prototypes during development to hi-fi digital prototypes for big-stage presentations, our UX/Interaction-design teams help clients to envision how their brands will make a lasting digital impact.

  • Video Prototyping

    Services and those interactions that create magical touchpoints are often hard to grasp and even hard to explain if not experienced live and in action. And yet, it is of utmost importance for our client teams to fully understand the extent and mechanisms of the services we design. In order to convey all important details with contextual clarity we produce video-prototypes that allow our clients and their audiences to focus on and bring across any solution’s core-idea and key-features. From storyboarding, to screenwriting, filming and production – our teams can create both quick evaluation video-prototypes, as well as Kickstarter-Style marketing trailers with high production value: seeing is believing.