Digital Strategy & Design

Today, technology is an integral part of our life. Digital transformation allows us to re-define our life in a smart way. It leads to a fusion of online and offline and thus calls forth new business models. Organisations have to re-invent themselves in part so as to stay competitive. Facing these big challenges, we are a professional partner and companion for our clients, offering comprehensive counselling and advice along the entire value chain.

  • Digital Strategy Consulting

    Today, many companies are facing the challenge of taking the necessary step towards digitisation. In order to stay relevant in the eyes of their customers, they have to follow a strategy of digital transformation and adapt their portfolio to the new market requirements. We support our clients at the interface of strategy, design, and technology – by observing, shaping, and realising trends for the long-term establishment of a digital brand.

  • Digital Product Strategy

    The products of the future will not be either physical or digital – as a rule, they will be both: PHYGITAL. In order to be able to design such products, innovative brands need the help of experts who are at home in precisely BOTH worlds. Thanks to our 30 years of expertise, we know the challenges in product design – and we know how digital technology may be put to good and profitable use in order to master these challenges.

  • Digital Business Design

    Companies have to continually develop themselves further and fully use their opportunities to sharpen their competitive edge. In this context, digitisation offers a multitude of new, attractive business models in order to differentiate oneself from a customer perspective. Creating digital experiences is part of the equation – but how do you turn them into profit, and what has to be taken into account from a legal and ethical standpoint? And how does the entire value chain in the digital ecosystem look like? Together with our clients, we challenge traditional business models and bring new ones to profitable fruition with sophisticated design.

  • User Engagement Design

    We know precisely how digital brands work successfully. By means of attractive and meaningful design of digital brand experiences, we encourage potential end customers to intensively interact with our clients’ products or services. And we accompany our clients in establishing a lasting presence as a digital brand. For this, we employ our design and digital expertise to cover the entire Customer Journey – improving brand perception during, but especially before and after, the actual purchase and use process.

  • Augmented & Virtual Reality

    Due to the opportunities they offer in terms of formative perception, Augmented and Virtual Reality are no doubt calling for attention in order to design digital brand experiences on the highest level of reality. After all, we humans are visual beings, trusting in as much additional information as possible when making decisions or using a service. In the current transformation from the professionalisation to the commercialisation phase, we advise our clients on how to use this disruptive technology properly and attractively.

  • AI & Machine Learning

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will make it possible in the future to realise highly complex processes which used to be inconceivable. Many parts of the value chain can be thought through in a new way, and co-created in terms of design theory. Thanks to the combination of technological expertise and design, we cooperate with our clients on two core topics: achieving a meaningful reduction in data complexity, and designing the increasingly humanoid aspects of technology in ways that are justifiable. In design, we challenge technology on moral and ethical grounds in order to ensure maximum end user acceptance.