With a fine-tuned sense for innovative trends, and based on the comprehensive portfolio of state-of-the-art technologies, we develop solutions which live up to the most discerning demands in terms of usability, performance, scalability, and design. This is how we create complex front and back ends, tools for process optimization, apps and Web applications, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions, or entire digital ecosystems. Our solutions can be integrated seamlessly and efficiently into existing infrastructures, and they are characterized by their outstanding user-friendliness. Since the regular exchange with our clients is of central importance during the development phase, our top-class experienced team has deployed agile development methods.

  • Web Development

    For a digital-oriented agency like us, Web Development is like the air we breath. By virtue of our multi facetted team, we are able to offer our clients all current technologies and realize complex Front- and Backends.

  • Application Development

    In cases where business processes can no longer be represented by standard tools, we will develop superior and complex business applications tailored individually to reflect and resolve the needs of our clients. Developing such robust, highly scalable and expandable applications calls for both: a wide range of experience in development work and the drive as an early adopter always at the cutting edge of new technologies. These competencies and experiences as well as our diversity have served our clients well in a number of bespoke projects in a wide range of deployment areas and industries.

  • App Development (iOS & Android)

    In the age of smartphones and the use of the Internet on mobile devices, mobile applications are among the most important channels to get in touch with users and to win them as long-term clients. Our mobile developers are perfectly prepared to offer the right app to suit individual needs, whether it’s a marketing-oriented app for events and trade fairs or connecting a smartphone to a road roller.

  • Animation & 3D Modelling

    Virtual reality, augmented reality, data visualization, those are just some of the topics that drive us daily to further develop 3D objects and use them more interactively. With years of experience in the fields of big data and software, we are able to visualize content and topics in real time to combine your products and solutions with modern technology.

  • Rapid Prototyping Development & POC

    In order to be able to create successful and innovative digital solutions, umwerk consistently places paramount importance on user needs when developing software. We’re approaching the finished final product step by step via Rapid Prototyping, a process filled with life by intense communication between our developers, the users, and our clients, providing numerous feedback loops during the development process and allowing us to incorporate end user feedback at a very early stage. By means of the visualization techniques we use, e.g. we will create a functional prototype tailor-made for the respective project. This Proof of Concept (POC) is a “real” application with a limited amount of functionalities and data that our clients’ users may test in their real-life environment. As a visual requirement document, the POC will do away with uncertainties in terms of project needs, by solving unforeseen issues and thus reducing potential risks while being time- and cost-saving.

  • CMS Development

    As a modern digital full-service provider, our CMS development is based on a wide range of technologies. However, we not only implement CMS projects for our clients, but also offer consulting regarding the choice of technology and the design of the system architecture.

  • Agile Software Development

    We master our Scrum, and we are convinced that in the vast majority of all software projects, the requirements cannot be planned ahead and specified comprehensively. That’s why we have deployed agile software development methods. These enable us to react quickly and flexibly to new requirements, providing continuous feedback on the development status.