Design Engineering

The success of a product is determined not only by the quality of its design, but also by the quality of its implementation. Phoenix Design calls together specialists throughout the entire design process who integrate aspects of qualitative implementation into the design process already at an early stage and who accompany the design process in close exchange with our clients’ development partners all the way to the final product.

  • Human Factors

    A good product must be user-friendly. That means more than merely having a nice shape – it has to feel right and to be convincing thanks to its easy handling and operation and through a layout of its elements that immediately makes sense. Comfort and ergonomics are clear basic requirements in all products we design – no matter what type of product – which our Human Factors experts ensure at an early stage in close exchange with the design teams, primarily using evaluation models.

  • Technical Design

    At the interface between design and engineering, Phoenix Design will assist clients in implementation and development towards serial production. Thus, we make sure that functionality and product design will be present in optimum quality later in the finished product. Technology concepts and motion simulation play an important role during product development. Here, new approaches for innovative solutions come to life which will not present obstacles to our clients' development partners, but challenge them in a positive way.

  • Class-A-Surfacing

    In our Surface Design team, we realize top quality surface models for our design. Here, our experienced designers transform products into Class-A surface models, from the initial conceptual model all the way to the final data model, delivering top surface quality both formally and technologically.

  • CGI

    To effectively employ design as competitive advantage, it needs to be staged online, in still and moving images. From fervent hand-sketches to photorealistic, animated 3D renderings that celebrate the look and feel of your products down to the most finest nuances of materials and textures - our team of dedicated visual artists create stunning results worthy of your brand and your organisation’s ambitions.