Design Consulting

Design means transforming the future today. It means engaging reality with honesty, courage and passion. But it also means thinking beyond and across, both engaging and managing the unknown and change. With more than 30 years of experience in the design- and innovation industries, Phoenix Design accompanies and advises premium brands on their journey into the future and helps organisations to leverage innovation opportunities with the power of design. As thinkers and makers, designers and consultants, we open up new brave perspectives and develop design-strategies for leaders who want to break through the boundaries of entrepreneurial imagination.

  • Design Strategy

    Design in isolation can become wonderful cultural achievements. But in order to deploy design as a competitive advantage, it must be put in a context of industrial endeavour. The most successful brands in the world are driven by a substantial design-strategy that is aligned with and contributes to the organisation’s overall business-strategy. As strategic design practitioners we create strategic value frameworks that help our clients to consistently achieve a design-expression and brand-complexion that is clear, conscious, coherent, and comprehensive.

  • Innovation Consulting

    Sustainable success of any organisation depends on the capability to create and manage innovation – and innovate itself. While this truth has been widely accepted by most, much remains unclear about how to go about this task. As native design-thinkers at the frontier of innovation, our research-, strategy- and innovation-practitioners support clients in not only defining what innovation means for them, but also help them by conducting innovation workshops with the goal of systematically identifying innovation platforms, opportunity areas and developing innovation strategies that are aligned with their business vision.

  • Brand Consulting

    The most iconic products are those that have shaped and become the brand itself. When we design products or services, we always design and often define the actual, real-life brand-experience that comes through the use-experience. For this reason, in many of our projects are designers and strategists work closely with leaders from brand- and product-management to translate and extend the abstract character of brands into tangible brand experiences.

  • Visual Brand Identity

    Regardless of physical or digital – truly great products have a unique and distinct visual brand identity that underlines, and sometimes even defines a brand’s meaning. Each product is an ambassador of your brand – and therefore the product’s design should convincingly embody your brand-soul, -values and philosophy. Phoenix Design is known in the design-industry for creating iconic Visual Brand Languages that have ultimately shaped the very brand itself. To this end our designers and strategists decode and analyse our clients brand, formulate a brand/design strategy and develop principles that lead to distinct brand-shaping design elements.

  • Portfolio Strategy

    Market leaders win the competition not only on a product-category level, but on a portfolio-level. With our long experience in working with manufacturers that have large product portfolios Phoenix Design offers expert consulting to clients, not only what types of products should be part of the company’s innovation pipeline, but also how the portfolio should be structured to accommodate marketing and sales goals, and how product families must be designed to ultimately reflect this portfolio strategy.