The changes happening in our world are presenting great challenges for society. Phoenix Design provides a room for itself but most of all for young and experienced talents where they can work on visionary and creative solutions for a better future: Phoenix Design Academy. Here – liberated from requirements and client projects – entirely new interaction and product design concepts may come into being and be realised, providing answers to questions of the future. We show today how the world will look like tomorrow.

  • Advanced Concepts

    A key challenge of designing the future is about overcoming mental constraints of today’s knowns that inhibit our creativity. Progress calls for brave, daring new ideas – aspirational pole stars that inspire and guide our efforts today. With our Phoenix Design Academy programme we encourage young innovators to engage in deep future-research, explore new materials, technologies and production methods to challenge today’s conception of what the future will and should look like. The results are not just inspiring for us and our clients, but are also Phoenix Design’s contribution to serve tomorrow’s generation of designers and innovators.

  • Academic Mentoring

    We see knowledge transfer as our responsibility and as our mission for society. That’s why we invest in training young talents and people interested in design. Whether in speeches, workshops, semester projects or short-term projects concurrent with courses of study – we share our experience and our expertise about processes, tools, and methodology, thus cultivating the exchange of knowledge between academy and business.

  • Lectures & Talks

    Design as a way of thinking, seeing and shaping the world and businesses has become an acute issue with many organisations. As thought-leaders on cultures of design, technology and innovation, we deliver lectures and talks at universities, companies and public events. Our speakers are often booked and invited to provide critical thinking on a broad range of topics, from disruptive technology, the new meanings of luxury or social robotics – we help to provide unique, inspiring and always very honest point of views to help professional communities in their exploration of today’s and tomorrow’s complex challenges.

  • Design Events

    Design and Innovation do not grow in isolation. Rather, new ideas and opportunities are discovered through exchange and discussion between many people, many disciplines and many views. Phoenix Design is a very active member in the design-community and loves to bring together international talent to host talks, design-jams and interesting new formats such as hackathons. These get-togethers help to stay on top of the meta-movements, broaden everyone’s horizons and connect with new professionals and practitioners.