Touchingly meaningful, dynamic and aesthetic. Balance beam, side horse and asymmetrical bars in a new shape, not only sporting the athletic quality of gymnastical achievement, but also – and even especially so – their aesthetic quality. That’s how our Phoenix Design Academy team proves that a visionary re-interpretation of classic gymanstic apparatuses is not only possible in an experimental study, but that these qualities are actually missing in the world of gymnastics. The dynamically designed, delicate and light gymnastic apparatuses elegantly grow upwards while being solidly anchored to the floor via vertical supporting elements. They thus oraganically combine with the gymnast’s movements. A sophisticated interplay of modern bearing structures and intelligent, unobtrusive design reducing the amount of material used to the very minimum. Thus, the gymnasts themselves are more clearly visible – creating a natural stage for their virtuosity and the beauty of the movement of the human body.


  • ProductGymnastic apparatus
  • ManufacturerPhoenix Design Academy
  • TypeSports equipment
  • CategoryAccessories and Lifestyle, Phoenix Design Academy
  • Year2008
  • Services technical design, analysis + research, ergonomics, product design

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