Collector - Intelligent Druck Kit. Stereotypically, drummers are the symbol of loudness and powerfulness. However, the essential emotion that connects drummers and drumming is curiosity – the eagerness to explore. Collector is an intelligent drum kit that empowers drummers to freely explore the world of sounds to fulfill their curiosity. The concept consists of three products: the drum kit, the smart module, and smart drumsticks. The smart module and drumsticks allow drummers to collect sound samples for their drums by exploring the surroundings. The drum kit is designed to be effortless to set up and tear down, flexible to transport, and easy for drummers to customize the configuration. The design is compact and lightweight, with a minimalistic and modern design language, which fits in various contexts. Collector can be played well through headphones at home - no more trouble with the neighbors.

Credits: Tianchen Liu, Master Thesis, Delft University of Technology. Mentoring: Jan Willem Hoftijzer, Dicky Brand; Sven Feustel, Principal Designer, Phoenix Design Academy.

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  • ProductDrum Kit
  • ManufacturerPHOENIX Academy
  • TypeCollector
  • CategoryPhoenix Design Academy
  • reddot Product Award: Best of the best reddot Product Award: Best of the best

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