Subtle Shadow. Tension and relaxation in the right proportions ensure well-being and promote creativity. With the concept of the shadow lamp "subtle shadow" for the desk, the user has the opportunity to control his own individual need for light and shadow. The minimalist design can be integrated into the modern office landscape, the personalisation option guarantees its longevity. Acoustically effective paper technology with grooves on the surfaces are used for sound insulation, the fine shadow stripes throw a subtle calm on the table. Paired with an OLED plate and bending sensor as well as flexible spring steel links, the subtle form of "subtle shadow" adds that extra touch of poetry that enriches the office environment.

Credits: Tiantian Xu, Diploma Thesis, University of Offenbach. Mentoring: Prof. Peter Eckart; Sven Feustel, Principal Designer, Phoenix Design Academy.

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