NONO – Change the way you hear the world. In a world that’s always getting faster and more bustling, where more and more people move to the cities, and where our surroundings get louder and louder, we often feel overwhelmed by the background noise. What if each of us could design their own soundscape? What if we were free to hear and listen to what we want to, whenever we want to? NONO now offers each user the option to design their very own personal sound backdrop. The basic idea is a further development of the principle that ANC headphones are already using today: the counter-sound produced by the headphones cancels out bothersome sound. But with NONO each user can decide for themselves which sound is to be filtered out. Timbre, echo, volume and clarity of a sound can be altered as well – thus, each user can individually create their perfect sound environment.

Credits: Malvina Krzywinska, Master Thesis, FH JOANNEUM in Graz/Austria. Academic adviser: Prof. Michael Lanz; Sven Feustel, Design Team Manager.

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