The E-vita OPEN NEO is a Frozen Elephant-Trunk implant. It combines a conventional vascular prosthesis with an endovascular stent graft and thus allows the simultaneous treatment of the ascending aorta, the aortic arch and the descending aorta within one procedure. The E-vita OPEN NEO thus represents an alternative to conventional open surgery. The insertion system of the E-vita OPEN NEO follows a new design language - pure, reduced to the essential. The clear colour coding structures and underlines the ergonomic, significant and intuitive operability.

  • ProductStentgraft System
  • ManufacturerJotec
  • TypeE-Vita Open Neo
  • CategoryMedicine
  • Services technical design, user analysis, analysis + research, strategic design, Class A Surfacing, hardware prototyping, modelling, ergonomics, brand related design, product design, Design Strategy, CMFP Design, Corporate Product Design, Industrial Design, Mechanical Prototyping, Human Factors, Technical Design, CGI, Class-A-Surfacing, Design Modelling, Portfolio Strategy, Rapid Prototyping Development & POC
  • German Design Award - Winner German Design Award - Winner

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