The EA5 shower enclosure by VICI regards the bathroom as a design element in order to optimize the fusion of design semantics and bathroom. VICI’s different elements constitute a harmonious language of forms, thus providing a well-balanced aesthetic symmetry both inside and outside the shower stall. The grip angle, together with the curved surface and the longer handle, increases comfort and ergonomics. The hinge direction (invisible technology) prevents the glass from falling, while at the same time the glass is integrated into the surrounding supporting pole. The EA5 sealing strips are made of stainless steel, with TPU providing improved ageing resistance. Leak-proof water conduit and self-cleaning glass make the comfort quite perfect.

  • ProductShower Enclosure
  • ManufacturerDELI
  • SeriesVICI
  • TypeEA5
  • CategoryBath and wellness
  • Services Design Strategy, Brand Consulting, Visual Brand Identity, Industrial Design, Ethnographic Research, Human Factors
  • German Brand Award Winner German Brand Award Winner

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