We surprise and touch – with aesthetic innovations that make sense. The AXOR ShowerHeaven 1200 unites purist design with top engineering. Different jet types provide a luxurious shower experience: the unique PowderRain jet, the large-area soft Rain jet, and a relaxing, meditative mono jet integrated into one head shower. At the push of a button, the individually adjustable wings will open up that have PowderRain sprinkle one’s entire body from the side, while the head area may be excepted – a pure 3D wellness experience. Integrated ambience lighting elements with state-of-the-art LED technology illuminate the shower while being energetically efficient. The warming light colour is particularly important for achieving a sense of well-being, presenting not only the shower but the people in it in their best light.

  • ProductHead Shower
  • ManufacturerAXOR
  • SeriesShowerHeaven
  • Type1200
  • CategoryBath and wellness
  • Services technical design, user analysis, trend consulting, analysis + research, strategic design, modelling, brand related design, product design
  • reddot Award: Winner reddot Award: Winner

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