Logical and ergonomic. Pleasant to the touch and intuitively comprehensible – Phoenix Design has designed the Assist Easy remote control for all Loewe audio and TV systems. In designing the Loewe Assist Easy, we have managed to create a simple and intuitive home entertainment experience, thus delivering on the Loewe brand promise of “smart simplicity”. The slightly rising remote control allows for a distinctively more ergonomic grip when held in your hand. The sightly raised, ergonomically positioned buttons appear elegant and unobtrusively reduced to the max. Their position is ideal, allowing intuitive operation without any visual checking. LEDs positioned above the buttons confirm each push of the respective button. The central operating feature refers to the Loewe eye we turned into the hallmark brand icon of all Loewe products.

  • ProductRemote control
  • ManufacturerLoewe
  • SeriesAssist
  • TypeEasy
  • CategoryAudio and Video
  • Year2009
  • Services user analysis, hardware prototyping, ergonomics, product design

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