Sufficiently Hydrated?

The Water Balancer App calculates your individual water demand based on a complex algorithm. Your demographic and body characteristics, your active times, and which activity type you are, form the basis for recommendation.


Let Yourself Be Guided

The water sphere shows your current balance status and playfully visualises your performance capability. Hydration level, drinking recommendation, and coaching – at a glance, clearly designed – without losing the focus on the main feature.


An Innovative Interaction Concept

Not typing, but swiping controls selecting the amount of water consumed, in a playful way.


Become a Water Pro

The 21-day programme sensitizes users in a playful way to pay attention to the topics of water and mineralisation. Attractive visualisations and motivating tasks support the learning effect.


Your Profile

Detailed information to calculate your daily water need is accessible at all times, as are archived data. Within the ecosystem, they have an influence on website or water station factors as well on the user experience.


Forgot to Drink?

Messages will remind you during the day to keep up your perfect hydration level – with a motivating tonality, never boring.