Red Dot Award: Best of the Best 2017

Phoenix Design, with their client Hansgrohe SE, wins the top award “Red Dot Award: Best of the Best” for the KitchenSinkCombi C71. In January 2017, the kitchen sink combinations were first presented at IMM Cologne, and now they already receive the coveted quality seal for the new kitchen market.

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  • 1 - Red Dot Award 2017 award winning ceremony in the Red Dot Design Museum,  Essen/Germany

    1 - Red Dot Award 2017 award winning ceremony in the Red Dot Design Museum, Essen/Germany

    The lucky winners of the Red Dot Award: Best of the Best (from left to right): Yunwei Zhu, Senior Designer, Phoenix Design; Andreas Diefenbach, Design Business Manager, Phoenix Design; Jan Heisterhagen, Vice President Product Management, Hansgrohe SE.

  • 2 - Red Dot Award 2017 award winning ceremony in the Aalto Theater in Essen/Germany

    2 - Red Dot Award 2017 award winning ceremony in the Aalto Theater in Essen/Germany

    v.r.l. Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, Managing Director Red Dot; Yunwei Zhu, Senior Designer Phoenix Design; Andreas Diefenbach, Design Manager/Member of the Board Phoenix Design; Jan Heisterhagen, Vice President Product Management hansgrohe SE; Lam Leslie Lu, Direktor des Hong Kong Design Institutes

  • 2 - KitchenSinkCombination C71 of Hansgrohe SE / Phoenix Design

    2 - KitchenSinkCombination C71 of Hansgrohe SE / Phoenix Design

    The new hansgrohe built-in kitchen sink combinations, a harmonious ensemble of form and function, provide complete solutions for the modern kitchen with matching faucets, an intuitive control system and sophisticated technical components. (Photo: Hansgrohe SE)

  • 4 - KitchenSinkCombination C71 of Hansgrohe SE / Phoenix Design

    4 - KitchenSinkCombination C71 of Hansgrohe SE / Phoenix Design

  • 3 - Select Button as an intuitive control element

    3 - Select Button as an intuitive control element

    The clever Select button also opens and closes the drain so that no other control is required in or around the sink. (Photo: Hansgrohe SE)

  • 4 - Scribble of the kitchen sink faucet

    4 - Scribble of the kitchen sink faucet

  • 5 - Andreas Diefenbach, Design Business Manager and Member of the Board at Phoenix Design in Stuttgart/Germany

    5 - Andreas Diefenbach, Design Business Manager and Member of the Board at Phoenix Design in Stuttgart/Germany

    Andreas Diefenbach (*1979) is Design Business Manager at Phoenix Design in Stuttgart/Germany. As a specialist for the sanitary and investment sector, he cares for international brands in the innovation process. For our long-standing client Hansgrohe SE, he assumes the project lead in the field of fittings. His expertise extends to business and strategy management. In addition, Andreas Diefenbach is responsible for the client management at Phoenix Design and as a member of the Innovation and Academy Lab, he is actively involved in creating new ideas and design concepts.

At this year’s Red Dot Award, a high-calibre panel of jurors judged both the quality and the skill shown in the product design. Out of more than 5,300 submissions, only 103 products were honoured with the coveted quality seal "Best of the Best" which is awarded to honour groundbreaking design.

The award-winning kitchen sink combination product line C71 was developed and designed in close collaboration between Hansgrohe SE and Phoenix Design. The Red Dot Award 2017 jurors were enthusiastic and impressed, stating: The hansgrohe sink combination C71 stands for perfect functionality and ergonomics. Its high-quality implementation adopts a timelessly elegant and classic appearance. All the details have been carefully crafted and infused with a high degree of clarity and straightforwardness. Based on a material combination that promises very easy cleaning, the extraordinary comfort of this sink and mixer combination can almost be experienced through all senses.”

The hansgrohe C71 kitchen sink combinations for the modern kitchen combine intuitive operation with independent product design. Exact geometrical forms and precise radii are characteristic design features of this collection. Via an operating lever at the right hand side of the sink, water temperature and quantity are controlled while the select button at the extension head starts and stops the water flow. Alternatively, one big elegant knob will control water flow and drainage, while water temperature and quantity are adjusted by means of the faucet lever. The twofold result: comfortable handling, easy for all users. The idea to concentrate on elementary functions and needs in the kitchen as a room for living in order to improve the water handling experience was the guiding concept during the design process.

In addition, we’re very happy to receive 5 “Red Dot: Winner” Awards for the AXOR and hansgrohe brands.

Interview with Andreas Diefenbach, Design Business Manager and Member of the Phoenix Design Board.

What is the goal for Phoenix Design when designing a kitchen sink combination? The kitchen first and foremost works as a system. All areas are perfectly adjusted to daily needs. We thought it was all the more important to regard and re-interpret the sink area as a perfect unit both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. 

Is the sink design based on a specific design approach? On the one hand, we wanted our product line to integrate itself into a modern kitchen environment as harmoniously as possible. The design sees itself as an integral component of architecture, without being inconspicuous. On the other hand, we wanted to take the operation much closer to the user. This is the source for the characteristic “L archetype”. It consists of the horizontal bench of faucets and the vertical user surface which reaches out toward the user up to the control element. With this new archetype in the sink area we have managed to create a type which differentiates itself on the market and which is thus original and independent.

Does Phoenix Design have a role model, a paragon? Our paragons are our clients whom we regard as our partners. The courage and confidence they muster every day for us are values that challenge and motivate us every day. Phoenix Design looks after the survival and the well-being of our partners, first of all by updating and developing ourselves every day anew. Today and tomorrow, the vital element for our partners in terms of added value, and thus the ability to manage the future, consists in offering their customers the right innovation within the right context at the right time.

What inspires Phoenix Design? We are inspired by the future! We create our future ourselves by triggering the changes we want to see happen. We permanently question the status quo and develop the competitive edge of our clients into the dimension after the next. We always have a reason to improve ourselves and to develop further. In this way, we develop our own benchmark.

How does Phoenix Design define quality / design quality? Good design has to be convincing in an holistic way, it has to take into account social responsibility, and it has to provide a substantial user value for the people it is made for, speaking to them and touching them. That’s why our credo is: design with “Logic, Morals, and Magic”.

What does winning the award “Red Dot: Best of the Best” mean for you? The Red Dot enjoys the highest reputation – worldwide! That’s why this year, more than 5,300 products were submitted. To be able to receive one of the very few “Best of the Best” design awards from an international panel of design expert jurors represents a very special award indeed for the entire Phoenix Design team, and we are very happy about it. And this is also true for hansgrohe: In January 2017 at the IMM Cologne, the sink combinations were presented, and now in the summer of 2017, they have already received a “Best of the Best” in the kitchen market. We are on the right track, and this speaks for the good collaboration between Phoenix Design and Hansgrohe SE.

About Phoenix Design

Logik, Moral, Magie.Seit 1987 gestaltet Phoenix Design Interaktion: zwischen Produkt und Nutzer, zwischen Marke und Konsument, zwischen Designern und Auftraggebern. Konkret: Wie bringt man die Evolution des Duschens voran? Mit einem Duschkopf für Hansgrohe, der sich per Fingerstreich entkalken lässt – und mit einem Knopfdruck die Strahlart ändert. Wie sorgt man für Differenzierung in einem Markt voller gleichartiger Produkte? Mit Kameraobjektiven, die auf den ersten Blick die einzigartige Präzision der Marke Zeiss vermitteln. Wie ermöglicht man Hausbesitzern mit einer App jederzeit die Kontrolle über die Haustechnik zu behalten? Mit dem Viessmann „Home Automation System“. Denn Haustechnik ist heutzutage weit mehr als Schalter und Heizkessel, sondern ein komplexes System technischer und digitaler Produkte mit zukunftsweisenden Technologien. 

Seit vielen Jahren hält Phoenix Design den ersten Platz im iF ranking creative "design offices" des iF Design Award und wurde mit mehr als 750 Designpreisen ausgezeichnet. Phoenix Design gilt als führendes unabhängiges Designstudio für Produkt- und Interface Design weltweit. Viel wichtiger: dass die Entwürfe durch Langlebigkeit und messbaren wirtschaftlichen Erfolg überzeugen. Damit steht Phoenix Design in der Tradition von Bauhaus und Ulmer Schule – und ist den Tugenden des deutschen Designs verpflichtet. Das gilt auch für die immer engere Verzahnung von Produktdesign und der Gestaltung digitaler Interfaces. Heute beschäftigen sich bereits über ein Drittel der 70 Mitarbeiter in den Standorten Stuttgart, München und Shanghai mit Themen des Interaction Design.

Konsequent nutzerzentriert und markentypisch: So entwickelt Phoenix Design Produkte und ganze Sortimente. Ausgerichtet auf die Bedürfnisse des Anwenders, auf die selbsterklärende Interaktion mit dem Produkt. Mit dem Ziel, die Identität der Marke typisch und auf berührende Weise erlebbar zu machen. Und im offenen Austausch zwischen interdisziplinären Design-Teams und den Kunden. Kurz: mit Logik, Moral, Magie.


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