• MCBW 2019: Adobe Creative Jam and Review

    MCBW 2019: Adobe Creative Jam and Review

    With a design event Phoenix Design was again part of this year's Munich Creative Business Week in the creative capital of Bavaria! The PHOENIX team invited to an Adobe Creative Jam followed by a Review (in front of audience) on Wednesday, 13 March 2019 in the Munich studio. The topic was “Smart Living – no escape”.

    At home, at the work, in motion: in all everyday situations, we are surrounded by intelligent systems striving to improve our quality of life. Escape? Hardly possible! Smart technology is increasingly becoming the standard for new products and services.

    Together with Adobe, Phoenix Design hosted a Creative Jam from 4-7 p.m. providing a space to try out own ideas and concepts on the topic “Smart Living”, embedded into a competition of three teams. PHOENIX designers Moritz Rodermund, Oliver Günther and Oliver Kosić accompanied the creative workshop as coaches. 

    What's a Creative Jam?

    "Nothing beats being part of a creative community. That’s why we created Creative Jams, an event series where local thought leaders share a behind-the-scene peek into their processes and projects; meanwhile, teams compete in a tournament that puts their creative skills to the test." – Adobe | www.adobecreativejams.com

    Three teams dealt with the topic of “Smart Living” with regard to at home, at work or in motion.

    Despite smart lighting, a remote-controlled toaster or personal assistants like Alexa, one’s own home doesn’t feel particularly “smart” yet. That’s why Team&Struppi [a sly reference to the cartoon character Tintin] applied themselves to the digitisation of the living room at home. They developed a concept for small living rooms in big cities that track the mood, situation, and individual needs of the people living there. By means of displays, projections, and modular furniture which adapts itself on its own, a 35 sqm apartment could practically take on any shape and position. It might even lend itself to the opportunity of taking one’s personalized apartment along on a journey …

    LoveMotion conceived an on-the-go service which brings people travelling a lot on trains closer together. Despite limitless technological options to connect, the person sitting in the opposite seat is a stranger. Via the app meet in motion, a person buying a ticket may type in their interests or topics about which they want to enter into an exchange with fellow travellers. The ticket buyer will then receive information about where to find people on the train who share his or her interests – whether it’s knitting, the Brexit, or Champions League games. Based on this idea, how will the modes of transport of the future look like?

    How can you help employees stay in touch with their colleagues, with project and corporate developments and thus with the corporate culture even during extended times of absence? The team wirarbeitendran tackled this challenge, and focussed on the generated persona Julia, a single mother who wants to reconcile her job and her family. Based on her needs, Do was created, the idea of a cloud-based platform. It enables users to share content and ideas easily and in a straightforward manner with their colleagues. As an analogy of sitting around a campfire, this platform wants to create a positive and casual digital environment fostering a strong feeling of community and togetherness.

    During the following Creative Jam Review, the experts Martin Schmiedel, Chairman of GFKD Association of municipal digitisation, Alex Holzreiter, Senior Manager Alliance Lead ASGR Adobe & SAP of Accenture Interactive and Joon-Mo Lee, Managing Director of Phoenix Design discussed the ideas developed so far – presenting their individual perspectives and digital trends as impulse speeches in front of the audience.

    The best ideas were to be honoured with three awards. The team LoveMotion received the Jury Award (bestowed by experts), wirarbeitendran received the PHOENIX Award (bestowed by the coaches), and Team&Struppi won the Audience Award (selected by the audience). Moreover, the winners of the Jury Award and those of the Audience Award were also given an annual subscription to Adobe CC, the winner of the PHOENIX Award got a Hansgrohe hand shower designed by Phoenix Design.

    The afterparty was for networking while having some snacks and drinks.

    About the MCBW
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    MCBW 2019: Adobe Creative Jam and Review