• March 08 International Women's Day

    March 08 International Women's Day

    Happy International Women's Day! Around the world, women have been standing up for their rights and against discrimination against women on March 08 for over 100 years.

    On 08 March, women* in particular demonstrate around the world to stand up for equal rights for all genders and against discrimination against women. Men also strike, as a particularly popular 2018 example in Spain showed, to draw attention to women's unpaid "care work."

    Demonstrations have been held on this day for over 100 years. Its roots lie in the women employers' movement of the late 19th, early 20th century to send a signal for equal rights, higher wages, better working conditions for women, voting rights for women and against discrimination. However, the motto of this year's Women's Day "more union, more equality, more than ever" shows that a large part of the goals have not been achieved to date.

    The pandemic situation further exacerbates gender inequalities. Women in particular are affected by income losses, perform the majority of care work and have to reduce their working hours to do so. Nationwide events are to draw attention to the unequal conditions. Numerous physical, as well as digital, events are also planned in Stuttgart. The city of Stuttgart is even giving employees time off to participate.

    For team composition and best possible results, we value balanced teams and will continue to advocate for gender-appropriate language, as well as representation of all genders at Phoenix Design.

    *meaning everyone who identifies as a woman.

    >>> More at German Union Confederation

    About DGB - German Trade Union Confederation: The German Trade Union Confederation (DGB - Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund) is the umbrella organization for eight German trade unions. Together, the DGB member unions represent the interests of over 5,9 million people. This makes the DGB by far the largest confederation of trade unions in Germany and one of the biggest national confederations of trade unions worldwide.

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    March 08 International Women's Day