• Pupils discover design

    Pupils discover design

    Phoenix Design will discover design together with children age 12 to 14 on 20 April 2018 at the Werkgymnasium Heidenheim. Designer Steffi Moser will take a concrete example to sketch the design process from first idea all the way to product development. Then, the students themselves will get down to work: collect adjectives and pieces of furniture, and then build a “quick model”!

    A charming cupboard or a pointed lamp? The children may shape their favourite combination from simple materials (e.g. corrugated cardboard, wire, straws) according to their own ideas. Do research, find ideas, analyse, develop further, execute together, hold a presentation – all these are tasks which the professional design workday calls for. Fantasy knows no bounds. At the same time, creativity, eagerness to try out new things, network thinking, and conscious environmental design are promoted as well.

    The claim to give artistic-aesthetic education higher importance in the school curriculum is being articulated more audibly and more urgently and has become a field of activities for diverse initiatives on a Federal (and even European) level. Design, however, is not covered by this. Therefore, the Deutsches Design Museum Foundation would like to promote dealing with design in schools with its project “Discover Design”. In workshops and in collaboration between teachers and designers, the students get to know the basics of creation and design in a hands-on approach. For this topic to have a permanent place in school education, a teacher training programme is about to be developed. This initiative in the State of Baden-Württemberg is supported – among others – by the Karl-Schlecht Foundation.



    Pupils discover design