• FIRST . NOW. NEXT - The new Phoenix blog

    FIRST . NOW. NEXT - The new Phoenix blog

    Phoenix Design is celebrating its 30th anniversary! Time to remember, to celebrate the present, and to look into the future. Our anniversary is marked by opening our own studio in Shanghai, China, and by introducing our new blog.


    In our blog, we will regularly tell you about our origins, about the present, and about the future of Phoenix Design. We listen, write, and move. Look forward to reading fascinating stories. We want to share the unique Phoenix Design spirit – with texts that are heart-warming and intellectually inspiring.

    1987 – come with us and discover the origins of Phoenix Design.
    2017 – enjoy our success today together with us.
    2047 – read our thoughts about the future.


    FIRST . NOW. NEXT - The new Phoenix blog
  • Yifan Zhang is appointed to the Management Board

    Yifan Zhang is appointed to the Management Board

    Yifan Zhang, General Manager China at Phoenix Design, heads the design studio Shanghai since its opening in 2017. With his appointment as Member of the Board, he is also part of the Phoenix Design Management from now on. Under his leadership, Phoenix Design has acquired important new clients and established itself further on the dynamic Chinese market.

  • AXOR MyEdition

    AXOR MyEdition

    The AXOR MyEdition faucet line brings a new dimension to individualization in the bathroom. Aligned with the cultural lifestyle of people worldwide and the attraction of differentiation. "MyEdition" reflects authenticity and exclusivity by giving the faucet its own character with high-quality materials.

    Further information >>>

    AXOR MyEdition
  • New Client: STIEBEL ELTRON

    New Client: STIEBEL ELTRON

    STIEBEL ELTRON and Phoenix Design will work together in the future, defining the design of innovative home and heating technology. As one of the globally leading manufacturers in the area of “renewable energies”, the company has awarded the Stuttgart-based studio with the commission for product and interaction design. Intelligent and sustainable solutions will constitute the centre of this partnership, entirely in line with the PHOENIX corporate vision of “Smart Living”.

    How can we live in an energy-conscious way without compromising comfort? Just one of the questions recently asked by an interdisciplinary PHOENIX team in close collaboration with STIEBEL ELTRON. In two current projects, the designers are working on products and digital services representing smart energy management and outstanding user friendliness – while offering added value for feeling at ease at home.

    The products and services are to integrate perfectly into the living environment of the people, and be most of all easy to use. Moreover, it is an exciting assignment and a great proof of trust and confidence for us to develop a new design language overarching physical and digital topics,” says Design Business Manager Claudia Tietge, leading the team on the Phoenix Design side.

    With STIEBEL ELTRON, Phoenix Design wins over yet another renowned industrial client, following STILL.

    STIEBEL ELTRON is an internationally operating Group and is among the global market and technology leaders in the fields of building services and renewable energies. As a family-owned company driven by innovation, STIEBEL ELTRON pursues a clear strategy in the production and development of products – for environmentally friendly, efficient and convenient building services. Turnover is more than €500 million, with approximately 50 percent coming from export.

    New Client: STIEBEL ELTRON
  • Phoenix Design > Red Dot: Design Team of the Year 2018

    Phoenix Design > Red Dot: Design Team of the Year 2018

    All information, publications, and photos regarding the award of honour for Phoenix Design sumed up.

  • LunchTalk with Lumod

    LunchTalk with Lumod

    On Tuesday, 2 October 2018, at 12 noon, Wanya Stainmaier and Mattias Nirschl from Lumod will be the talk guests at Phoenix Design, for the first time in the Munich studio. Lunch Talk at PHOENIX means regular further education with all team members and guest speakers from a wide range of design disciplines.

    "Design is the way you experience a product and understand a brand:" Lumod understands design as a highly successful instrument of brand management and branding. Starting with the product as the most important communication carrier for the brand values, a precisely matching and coherent brand image is created. | www.lumod.com

    Afterwards (at 12.30 pm), there will be served a fine meal from the PHOENIX kitchen plus good conversations in order to learn from one another, benefiting from synergies. Our guest speakers will get insights into our world of Logic, Morals, and Magic.

    Lunch Talk Speakers to date: Tilla Goldberg, Ippolito Fleitz; Markus Jehs & Jürgen Laub; Alexander Trage, Dorten; Marcus Fischer, Mackevision; Prof. Matthias Held, HfG Schw.Gmünd; Robin Hofmann, HearDis; Prof. Jochen Rädecker, Strichpunkt; Dr. Frank Heinlein, Werner Sobek; Martin Wippler, Klangfinder; Prof. Thomas Hundt, jangled nerves; Jürgen Späth, Projektriangle; Andreas Kunert, Leithaus-Film; Kai Bierich, Wulf Architekten; Marius Bauer, Umwerk; Vera Schmidt, Sr. Manager Advanced Digital Design, Daimler AG; Friedrich Schmidgall, HU Berlin; Roman Rackwitz, Engaginglab; Ahmet Sakali, Testingtime; Moritz Dörstelmann, FibR; Aline Käfer, LIGANOVA; Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, Red Dot; Joël Gähwiler, ZhdK; Ivan Mallinowski, and Christine Schaal, Containerwerk.

    LunchTalk with Lumod
  • Fellowship Program

    Fellowship Program

    Candidates wanted! Protecting the Brand Experience Identity in a Digital Context. The German Design Council, together with the Graduate College Dieselmedaille, has initiated a Fellowship Program in order to help shape and design the new rules for Brand Management in the digital age and to make them available to companies.

    Today, the point is not only to generate and shape the Brand Moments along the Customer Journey, they also need to be protected against competition by imitation.

    We are looking for candidates for this Fellowship Program: “Suppressing imitations by means of IP (Intellectual Property), for design-based added value in brand experiences with digital products and services.” Academic supervision is done by the Centre d'études internationales de la propriété intellectuelle (CEIPI), the European Education Center for IP Management, at the Université de Strasbourg; practical supervision will be performed by Phoenix Design. 

    Within the framework of the Fellowship Program, a project doctorate is being worked on whose topic fits the program while at the same time encompassing a corporate issue. Candidates need to be interested in the topic of intellectual property and have three years’ experience in handling IP (brands, design, copyrights, etc.). An expressly legal training is not required.    

    Statement: Andreas Diefenbach, Member of the Board, Phoenix Design: “Germany as an industrial location is pre-eminent in having invented and formed many strong brands. The core essence of each brand implies ‘the warm glow of familiarity.’ The power of this implicit memory is an essential driving force and influencing factor for forming and shaping brands. In the digital age, some seemingly manifest brand management rules will be broken or turned upside down. New factors like participation or adaptability are shaping existing brands and creating new ones. In this context, IP will play an enormous part in securing added value, since the meaningful brand moments are exactly the things that will continue to create confidence and trust, orientation, and differentiation in our interconnected society.”

    Find more information about the Fellowship Program and contact details at: https://www.forum-dieselmedaille.de/rat-fur-formgebung-phoenix/

    Feel free to address any additional questions to Silvia Olp, Head of Communications, Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

    Fellowship Program
  • AXOR Pre-Launch Event in Beijing

    AXOR Pre-Launch Event in Beijing

    At the opening day of the Design China Beijing 2018 trade show, Jonas Hänel, Senior Product Designer at Phoenix Design in Shanghai, will be there on behalf of our client AXOR. He co-designed the luxury fitting, and will accompany the Pre-Launch Event of AXOR MyEdition on 20 September 2018 in Beijing with two talks.

    Matching the impending product launch of Axor MyEdition on the Chinese market, Jonas Hänel – together with Michael Kiolbassa, Head of Brand Communication at AXOR – will present the new customizable line of fittings to an exclusive circle of journalists, among them representatives from GQ, ELLE DECO and Interni, at 4:00 pm and answer their questions.

    After the official start of the event, Jonas Hänel will appear as a speaker at the Design Forum, presented by Domus, starting at 7.15 pm. Following the AXOR lead topic "Reinvent Luxury", the designer from PHOENIX will present his views on the importance and the design of luxury to an by-invitation-only trade audience, together with Ma Yansong, architect and founder of MAD Architects, as well as T.K. Chu, interior decorator and Chief Designer at T.K. Chu Design Ltd.

    Expected participants comprise some 240 representatives from design, business, and the media.

    The AXOR MyEdition line of fittings and further products by the same brand will be on display from 20 through 25 September 2018 at the Design China Beijing trade fair grounds, Contemporary Design Hall, Stand No. D15.

    More about AXOR MyEdition >>>

    Photo: Jonas Hänel (left) on stage at the Award Winning Ceremony of the Red Dot: Design Team of the Year 2018 in Essen.

    AXOR Pre-Launch Event in Beijing
  • Building of the Future

    Building of the Future

    Tony Jankowski dealt with sustainable, autonomous building at the Phoenix Design Academy. From that experience, the product designer has deduced his concept for mobile robotic system for realising extremely lightweight and stable architectural structures according to prototypes found in nature. The bionic components: "Spider" and "Snail".

  • LunchTalk: Containerwerk

    LunchTalk: Containerwerk

    On Tuesday, 11 September 2018 at noon, Ivan Mallinowski and Christine Schaal from Containerwerk were our talk guests at Phoenix Design in Stuttgart. LunchTalk means training at every first Tuesday of the month with all employees and guest speakers from various design disciplines.

    According to Containerwerk, they’re developers, designers and self-starters. “We went in search of answers to housing shortages and to affordable, resource-conserving, contemporary living and found them. In the spirit of the circular economy and environmental and social sustainability, Containerwerk purchases used shipping containers and upgrades the body into high-quality, affordable living space.” | www.containerwerk.com/en

    Excellent food from the PHOENIX kitchen and good conversation afterwards (12:30) are a guarantee. We know each other, want to learn from each other and benefit from synergies. Our guest speakers also got insight into our world of logic, morals and magic.

    Former LunchTalk speakers: Tilla Goldberg, Ippolito Fleitz; Markus Jehs & Jürgen Laub; Alexander Trage, Dorten; Marcus Fischer, Mackevision; Prof. Matthias Held, HfG Schw.Gmünd; Robin Hofmann, HearDis; Prof. Jochen Rädecker, Strichpunkt; Dr. Frank Heinlein, Werner Sobek; Martin Wippler, Klangfinder; Prof. Thomas Hundt, jangled nerves; Jürgen Späth, Projektriangle; Andreas Kunert, Leithaus-Film; Kai Bierich, Wulf Architekten; Marius Bauer, Umwerk; Vera Schmidt, Sr. Manager Advanced Digital Design, Daimler AG; Friedrich Schmidgall, HU Berlin; Roman Rackwitz, Engaginglab; Ahmet Sakali, Testingtime; Moritz Dörstelmann, FibR; Aline Käfer, LIGANOVA; Joël Gähwiler, ZhdK.

    LunchTalk: Containerwerk
  • Top Results at the iF World Design Index

    Top Results at the iF World Design Index

    The new top labels of the renowned iF International Forum Design compare those designers who in the past repeatedly achieved leading ranks at competitions. In four index groups, Phoenix Design holds at least the label "Top 10", and in each of the categories Design Studios and Industry "Bath" 2014–2018 the label "Best of" – the top rank.

    The iF World Design Index (WDI) is a benchmarking and evaluation tool acknowledging continuously substantial, excellent and sustainable design. In the categories Design Studios and Bath 2014–2018, Phoenix Design has been able to move to the very top of a phalanx of 1,709 and 196 Winner Awards, respectively. In the category Europe, PHOENIX ranks on 5th place of 2,379 winners, in Germany on 4th place of 1,365.

    "The iF World Design Index is congruent with our discerning claim to design quality and sustainability. We were excited for it to arrive, and now we are very happy indeed about the very good ranking positions we've achieved – we see them as appreciation of our work throughout many years," says Andreas Haug, Founder and Managing Partner of Phoenix Design.

    The iF WDI for the first time refers to the past five years, depending on the kind and number of iF Awards won, split into six index groups: Continents, Countries, Industries, Companies, Inhouse Design Teams and Independent Design Studios.

    More at: www.ifworlddesignguide.com/if-top-labels

    Top Results at the iF World Design Index
  • Phoenix Design receives Red Dot Award of Honour

    Phoenix Design receives Red Dot Award of Honour

    The award of honour “Red Dot: Design Team of the Year” was awarded this year to Phoenix Design with its design teams in Stuttgart, Munich, and Shanghai. We are very happy about this special award! The Award Winning Ceremony and Exhibition Opening took place on 9 July 2018 in Essen/Germany. 

  • German Design Award

    German Design Award

    The jurors for the German Design Award have held their session. Silvia Olp, Head of Communications at Phoenix Design, has several times been one of the 45 international jurors deciding on the award levels »Special Mention«, »Winner« and »Gold«.

    The competition’s categories comprise the segments »Excellent Product Design« and »Excellent Communications Design«. Moreover, the »German Design Award Personality« honours the lifetime achievement of an outstanding design personality. Up-an-coming design talent may hope for a special prize complete with financial endowment: the »German Design Award Newcomer«.

    With a new category called »Classics & Re-Editions« in Excellent Product Design, the German Design Council is for the first time honouring products which prove compelling thanks to their timeless design or which carry a design classic further and re-interpret it.

    The award winning ceremony will take place on 8 February 2019 on the occasion of the trade fair Ambiente in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

    Quote by the panel of jurors: “As regards trends, I first and foremost see one thing here: everything is getting more digital, in many areas! Making technology easily usable for people is a big thing in current design,” says juror Dina Gallo, Head of Design Management at TRUMPF.


    The jurors at a glance >>>

    German Design Award
  • Interview Designreport

    Interview Designreport

    Do designers have a theory that lets make them make practical progress? Where do critical design arguments and exchanges take place today? For the current issue of designreport, Klaus Meyer asked six designers about their positions on design theory – among them Joon-Mo Lee, Member of the Board at Phoenix Design.

    Alongside Barbara Schmidt/Berlin, Harald Gründl/Vienna, Inga Sempé/Paris, Erik Spiekermann/Berlin and Stefan Diez/Munich, PHOENIX Design Strategy Manager Joon-Mo Lee answers the journalist’s questions.

    Is there a theoretical position which influences your practical work?
    Lee: The guiding principles of our work at Phoenix Design are the terms Logic, Morals, and Magic developed by Tom Schönherr and Andreas Haug. Here, Logic not only means the rational coherence of a product, but rather a comprehensive creation of cultural sense according to the maxim of “Form Follows Meaning”. Moral refers to our societal mission as designers: we don’t want to abuse our responsibility as cultural mediators, but effect changes that improve people’s lives. Magic, then, represents our claim to touch people with our design in a lasting way. Especially in a time that’s strongly characterised by technological innovations, we need to find ways of shaping product experiences in a way that’s more human and more emotional.

    Why is this approach important to you?
    Lee: Theory and practice belong together. Theory on its own cannot change the world. And practice without philosophical underpinnings is in danger of becoming meaningless or lacking direction.

    Where does a critical discussion about design take place these days?
    Lee: For instance inside design agencies. At the Universities of Applied Sciences, too. All in all, however, industry does not discuss design and innovation sufficiently. The terms are used in everyday business language, it is true; but only a few people actually think about what design may mean in concrete terms for an organisation; what innovation really consists of; and which consequences a serious commitment to design and innovation really brings about.

    Which aspects are short-changed in the current design debates?
    Lee: Definitely the topic of Morals. Corporate Social Responsibility should not only be a polite part of the Corporate Vision. We really have to live moral principles in order to shape innovation and growth in a humane way.

    Source [in German]: Meyer, Klaus (2018): “Hand mit Kopf”, in: designreport, issue 4/2018, p. 24-27.

    Interview Designreport
  • New Contracutal Partner: STILL

    New Contracutal Partner: STILL

    STILL and Phoenix Design will be working together. As a leading and international successful supplier of intelligent intralogistics control systems, STILL will entrust its new products and services to the design expertise of Phoenix Design. Thus, Phoenix Design wins over yet another renowned industrial client.

    “STILL is a strong international brand and a precursor in the area of comprehensive logistics solutions. Together, we will be developing the transport and logistics highlights of the coming years and we’ll thus follow the trend which shows that design – alongside technological leadership – is increasingly becoming an important factor in B2B decision making,” says Phoenix Design Business Manager Jens Wingerath, Client Manager and project leader.

    As exclusive design partner, an interdisciplinary team of Product, Transportation and Interaction Designers, together with Design Modellers, has recently started working on a new language of forms, innovative products, and holistic digital solutions, all in close coordination with STILL. Both partners share the same design philosophy in terms of brand typicality and user centricity, with the goal of filling the STILL quality promise with life in the future as well.  

    Together, both companies will tie in with the history of STILL innovations with their intensive interlocking of development, product management, and product design.

    About STILL
    For a long time STILL has been one of the leading suppliers of forklift trucks, platform trucks and tractors plus the latest Intralogistics systems. With more than 8,000 employees and a turnover of 1,96 billion (2015), STILL is successfully active on an international scale. The key to the company's success is highly efficient products, stretching from complete solutions for specific industries, for large and small operations, right up to computerised logistics programs for effective warehouse and material flow management.

    New Contracutal Partner: STILL
  • Service Design at the Space Camp

    Service Design at the Space Camp

    PHOENIX Designers Carolin Schmitt and Stephan Thiemt conducted a five-day workshop – from 23 through 27 July 2018 – at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd on Minimalism. In one of four “Space Camp” workshops, they developed ideas and concepts in the area of Service Design together with the students to make more from less.

    Urbanisation, Micro-Living, Service Economy – how can digital services exert a positive influence on living in tiny spaces so as to be able to use less and create more that has real meaning? How can we liberate ourselves from digital dead weight, enriching our lives rather than feeling constantly challenged? How can principles of Minimalism flow into concepts for interconnected products and services which understand us, thus providing us with more time, freedom, and well-being?

    The workshop content comprised research and idea generation, conception, storytelling and finalisation, culminating in a presentation.

    About the Space Camp
    The Design Summer 2018, entitled “Space Camp – maximising small spaces”, is an extra-curricular workshop on the topic of minimalist living for students at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd [University of Applied Sciences]. The workshop is accompanied by impulse speeches held by experts from the respective specialist fields.


    Service Design at the Space Camp
  • end2end Digital Offensive for Smart Living

    end2end Digital Offensive for Smart Living

    Phoenix Design and umwerk Group become strategic partners. The objective of the cooperation: to bundle their respective services complementing each other perfectly into a holistic business model, and to develop them further in order to be able to support companies undergoing digital change in an even more comprehensive manner.

  • Red Dot Award 2018: 4x Winner

    Red Dot Award 2018: 4x Winner

    Phoenix Design, with their client Hansgrohe SE, scores at the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018 and is honoured with 4 Red Dot Awards “Winner”. The international panel of jurors evaluated more than 6,300 submitted products from 59 countries and selected only 1,684 award “Winners”.

    The Winners are:
    - AXOR ShowerPipe 800
    - hansgrohe Raindance E Showerpipe
    - hansgrohe Novus washstand fittings
    - hansgrohe SilicaTec granite sinks C51

    The 40 jurors evaluated the products according to strict criteria, comprising e.g. degree of innovation, functionality, formal quality, ergonomics and longevity.

    For us, this year’s awards are very special indeed. The Phoenix Design team receives the Award of Honour “Red Dot: Design Team of the Year 2018”! On 9 July 2018, the Phoenix Design team will be officially honoured during the Red Dot gala event and will be handed the challenge trophy Radius on-stage at the Aalto-Theater in Essen, Germany.

    In this context, we thank our clients for their sustained and long-standing trust and confidence in our work, with client relationships often lasting many years.

    >> Press Release “Red Dot: Design Team of the Year 2018”

    >> Press Release red dot

    Red Dot Award 2018: 4x Winner
  • LunchTalk with Joël Gähwiler

    LunchTalk with Joël Gähwiler

    Am Dienstag, 05.06.18 um 12 Uhr ist Joël Gähwiler, Interaction Designer an der Zürcher Universität der Künste, Talkgast im PHOENIX Studio. LunchTalk bei Phoenix Design heißt regelmäßige Fortbildung mit allen Mitarbeitern und Gastrednern aus unterschiedlichsten Gestaltungsdisziplinen im Stuttgarter Studio.

    Joël Gähwiler is creator of the Internet of Things prototyping platform shiftr.io, teaching assistant at the Zurich University of the Arts and researches on Network Artifacts and the Internet of Things.

    Afterwards (12:30 o'clock) there will be fine dishes from the PHOENIX kitchen and good talks. We know each other, we want to learn from each other and use synergies. Our guest speakers get insights into our world of logic, morality and magic.

    >> Limited seats for interested guests are reservable via Enable JavaScript to view protected content..

    Former LunchTalk Speaker: Tilla Goldberg, Ippolito Fleitz; Markus Jehs & Jürgen Laub; Alexander Trage, Dorten; Marcus Fischer, Mackevision; Prof. Matthias Held, HfG Schw.Gmünd; Robin Hofmann, HearDis; Prof. Jochen Rädecker, Strichpunkt; Dr. Frank Heinlein, Werner Sobek; Martin Wippler, Klangfinder; Prof. Thomas Hundt, jangled nerves; Jürgen Späth, Projektriangle; Andreas Kunert, Leithaus-Film; Kai Bierich, Wulf Architekten; Marius Bauer, Umwerk creative; Vera Schmidt, Sr. Manager Advanced Digital Design, Daimler AG; Friedrich Schmidgall, HU Berlin; Roman Rackwitz, Engaginglab; Ahmet Sakali, Testingtime; Moritz Dörstelmann, FibR; Aline Käfer, Liganova; Michel Casertano, Atelier Brückner; Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, Red Dot Award; Joël Gähwiler, Zürcher Universität der Künste.

    LunchTalk with Joël Gähwiler