Fresh food at the work place or in college. Perfectly elegant design, fresh light rose coloured, for today's young women – who are looking after themselves and the environment. The Thermo Food Box is made of double-walled stainless steel, sporting a well-engineered vacuum technology extremely capable at storing heat. The Q-Series Thermo Box is reduced to accommodate a maximum helping size at low weight. The silicone carrying loop ensures convenient handling, taking into account that the finger can engage perfectly, thus providing a stable grip. A lifestyle product paying particular attention to health and resources.

  • ProductThermo Food Box
  • ManufacturerSUPOR
  • SeriesQ-Serie
  • CategoryAccessories and Lifestyle
  • Services 品牌咨询, 颜色/材质/表面质感/纹理, 工业设计, 定性研究, 趋势研究, A级曲面, 设计模型
  • iF Product Design Award iF Product Design Award

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