Open for exchange. Bathroom ceramics and fixtures converge. And two strong brands do the same: Phoenix Design has designed the series PuraVida, made by both Duravit and Hansgrohe, comprising more than 50 individual products. In doing so, we have brought together two long-standing Phoenix Design clients and leading bathroom suppliers – and we fulfil the need for a consistent offer of elements matched to each other. PuraVida represents a new, lively and free handling of forms – a sensual play with contrasts between surfaces and flowing volumes, white and chrome, even a bi-material look: organically shaped, white varnished undersides create the appearance of the faucet literally growing out of the ceramic. While safeguarding the independent brand typology of both manufacturers, bathroom ceramics and fixtures enter into a clompetely novel symbiosis. Reduced and alive at the same time, consistently functional, entirely in the interest of the user.

  • ProductSanitary ceramics series
  • ManufacturerDuravit
  • SeriesPuraVida
  • CategoryBath and wellness
  • Year2009
  • Services strategic design, Class A Surfacing, modelling, product design
  • iF Product Design Award iF Product Design Award

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