Today, a journey takes place via many different stations from a starting location to a destination location. However, the stations are often independent of one another, offering no coherent connection. The airplane offers the opportunity to get from point A to point B fast and conveniently. However, the service user experience is not at all central; rather, the focus is on DIN standards and efficiency. Amid the fierce airline competition, however, passenger service can present a competitive edge. An holistic, innovative “Food Service Experience” in particular can play an important role here. The concept includes a new approach to on-board services, both in terms of thinking and packaging: new and innovative packaging (heated at the push of a button), a bottle as a travel companion, and two intelligent refillable service units. All these components together constitute a new “Food Service” system, making it possible to simplify service processes, to make life easier for the flight attendants, and to offer passengers a personal, individual, holistic user experience.

Credits: Philipp Emmert, Bachelor Thesis, Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts & Design. Betreuer: Prof. Detlef Rhein; Sven Feustel, Design Team Manager.

  • ProductFood Service Experience
  • ManufacturerPhoenix Design Academy
  • SeriesSmart Economy
  • CategoryPhoenix Design Academy

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