Juicy Bites – the Personalised Smart Snack. Concept for a 3D food printer and about “values” in handling food. Juicy Bites is the expression of self-determination, well-being, and a particular lifestyle. You decide yourself which nutrients your body needs to maintain the perfect daily performance. Juicy Bites not only provides text information about the nutrient situation but also allows us to capture this situation physically, and even to taste it. Depending on the tasks of the day, you receive a self-made Smart Snack containing the most important vitamins which are missing in regular nutrition. The ingredients are fruit and vegetables which are not up to general aesthetical demands and that were thus rejected by the market (2nd choice, Ugly foods). Juicy Bites – the Personalised Smart Snack.

Credits: Lun Yeh, Diploma thesis; Hochschule Darmstadt, Betreuer: Prof. Thino Melzer; Sven Feustel, Design Team Manager, Phoenix Design Academy.
3D Pioneer Challange: 3. Platz. More concerning Design Competion www.3dpc.io/de.

  • Product3D Food Printer
  • ManufacturerPhoenix Design Academy
  • CategoryAccessories and Lifestyle, Office and living, Household and kitchen, Phoenix Design Academy
  • Year2016
  • Services user analysis, Visual Interface Design, analysis + research, strategic design, modelling, material lab, ergonomics, interaction design, product design

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