Powerful brands win the industry game not with a single, beautiful product, but with entire product portfolios that are not only coherent, but also embody the values of the organisation and are aligned to their visual brand tonality. In close, interdisciplinary collaboration with LEDVANCE, a world leader in innovative lighting products and smart lighting solutions, Phoenix Design developed a design strategy that takes the very expression of the visual brand into 3-dimensional product-appearance. The resulting visual brand language – SCALE – is a design system that will allow maximum flexibility in application, yet ensure consistent brand tonality for all future products to come.

The corporate design of the brand LEDVANCE was developed and designed by KMS TEAM.

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  • ProductVisual Design Language
  • ManufacturerLEDVANCE
  • SeriesSCALE
  • CategoryHouse and lighting
  • Services 设计策略, 品牌咨询, 品牌形象, 创新咨询, 产品识别设计, 视觉设计, 趋势研究, 设计模型
  • German Design Award - Winner German Design Award - Winner

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