The strategic alignment of “Corporate Product Colours” is at least as important as the product design itself. Implementing new colour concepts to define the visual product identity across all business areas all the way to the manufacturing of these products is a far reaching and intense process, which in this case was triggered by the Head of Design at Vorwerk. Vorwerk’s basic specifications included using “Vorwerk green”, white as the main colour, and anthracite for contrast. Phoenix Design and the Vorwerk design department entered into a close collaboration to create a balanced colour concept for their main product, Kobold VK 150 (internal Vorwerk design). This process was accompanied by comprehensive market research studies and brand congruency analyses. The new concept now emphasises the performance power of the device while conveying the brand value of “longevity”. The Kobold VK 150 upright vacuum cleaner has since been awarded a “Special Mention” by the German Design Award 2014 for its harmonious colour design as well as its outstanding achievements in terms of innovation, quality and customer proximity.

  • ProductVacuum cleaner
  • ManufacturerVorwerk
  • SeriesKobold
  • TypeVK150
  • CategoryHousehold and kitchen
  • Year2013
  • Services strategic design, brand related design, product design
  • German Design Award - Special Mention German Design Award - Special Mention
  • plus X Award: design, high quality, functionality plus X Award: design, high quality, functionality

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