With the new ISIMAT screen printing machine, glass containers can be innovatively decorated in up to eight printing stations. By means of a patented process, a wide variety of bottles can be printed and foiled in a single machine cycle. Glass and stainless steel materials used for a high-quality appearance and easy cleaning. For the first time, a visually offset machine area also defines the entry and exit of the glass bottles. The various operating states are intelligently visualized via the lighting inside - so changes, for example, the color of the illumination turns red when there is a problem in the printing process. In terms of design, PHOENIX pays special attention to a clear, reduced design and the integrative treatment of the individual operating elements. High technology and brand are now visible through the new PHOENIX design.



  • ProductScreen Printing Machine
  • ManufacturerISIMAT
  • CategoryIndustry
  • Services 设计策略, 品牌咨询, 工业设计, 机械结构模型, 工程设计
  • German Design Award - Winner German Design Award - Winner

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