The IO3 shower enclosure is a minimalist, clear design and consistent layout down to the last detail. The focus is not on individual products, but on the harmonious integration into the respective room; via cross-fading using the same CMF, all elements from one aesthetic entity. The proportions reflect the timeless character of the architecture, creating one unified language of forms, both inside and outside the shower. The invisible hinge alignment prevents the easy-cleaning glass from dripping, being integrated into the supporting rod. The anti-dust floor rail is designed so as to repel dirt, making sure the glass door stays clean longer.

  • ProductShower enclosure
  • ManufacturerDELI
  • TypeIO3
  • CategoryBath and wellness
  • Services product design, 设计策略, 品牌咨询, 品牌形象, 工业设计, 文化研究, 人机工程, 产品线策略
  • iF Product Design Award iF Product Design Award

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