With its premium functional and technological equipment, the SilicaTec C51 granite kitchen sink integrates itself harmoniously into the living environment, reflecting its users’ character and individuality. The robust composite material made of quartz sand and acrylic is easy to clean, odour-neutral, heat-resistant as well as shock- and colour-resistant. The series is compelling not least by its pleasant touch and its natural look; its colours comprise graphite black, stone grey, and concrete grey – accents are possible. The purist, straightforward design sets the stage for the material. High-quality fittings, a convenient operating system, and a sophisticated hose box complement the system. The overflow drain is removed from view – its position is on the right side –, which makes for a clear, uncluttered look.

  • ProductGranite Kitchensink
  • ManufacturerHansgrohe
  • SeriesSilicaTec
  • TypeC51
  • CategoryHousehold and kitchen
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