Comfort is more than just convenience. With P3 Comforts, Phoenix Design has given comfort a modern slant and reinterpreted the original meaning of the French “conforter” (to strengthen). The soft overall form and gently rounded corners bring a touch of calm and order to the bathroom. The narrow design of the surround introduces an additional lightness that combines with the large radii to present a rimless look and maximize the interior. The interplay of the different levels is an all-pervasive feature of the range: separating the wet and dry areas further by raising the tap platform produces a practical flat shelf surface. iF Design Award GOLD Jury-Statement: The subtle, soft design of this bathroom line convinced us: the rounded corners, the slight inclination of the bath and the hidden plughole are elegantly solved details subtly accommodating the user’s demand for well-being in the bathroom. The range is a good example for minimalistic design paired with a consistent use of material.

  • ProductSanitary ceramics series
  • ManufacturerDuravit
  • TypeP3 Comforts
  • CategoryBath and wellness
  • Year2014 - 2015
  • Services trend consulting, analysis + research, strategic design, Class A Surfacing, modelling, ergonomics, brand related design, product design
  • iF Product Design Award - Gold iF Product Design Award - Gold
  • reddot Award: Winner reddot Award: Winner

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