The D20 printer series for professional use consists of laser and ink jet printers, as well as laser and ink jet multi-function devices (printing, scanning, copying). The affordably-priced devices have a very large ink or toner capacity – cost efficiency and environmental friendliness are combined here. Grouping the most important elements into functional blocks with a graphic look not only supports an intuitive user guidance but also makes for a brand product with a high recognition value. The light colours and the clear design language of the D20 product family are ideal for integrating it into modern working and living environments.

  • ProductPrinter Family
  • Manufacturerdeli
  • SeriesD20
  • CategoryOffice and living
  • Services 设计策略, 品牌咨询, 品牌形象, 包装设计, 工业设计, 界面设计, 趋势研究, 设计模型
  • iF Product Design Award iF Product Design Award

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