One of the most important aspects of good Interface Design is orientation. Confronted with today’s nearly endless digital options, people need to be able to concentrate on what’s immediately relevant for the action at hand.

For years now, our User Interface experts have been very successful in making people from a wide variety of industries experience such intelligent operation. Whether in the mountains or on the road, Phoenix Design creates clarity.

Ergonomics is tactile user guidance

Phoenix Design conceives Usability across disciplines. Just like an interface should be oriented along the lines of cognitive user needs, the “hardware” should reflect the visual and tactile user needs. How lightweight or heavy may Ibex be? How does the device feel like in wet conditions? Can it still be operated at freezing temperatures – even when wearing gloves?

This is where our 30 years of product design experience really comes into its own: Phoenix Design is one of the few studios boasting an ergonomics expert. Together with our Surface Team and our in-house model building workshop, we developed an optimum shape for the Falk device housing: providing a good grip, conveying a premium impression, and delivering robust performance.

Product design is brand management

We claim: The product is always at the centre of the brand. Unlike advertising and marketing, the product is perceived with all senses, often day in and day out. That’s precisely why our design – both digital and physical – is always an achievement for the benefit of the brand as well.

In front of this backdrop, the Ibex navigation device embodies everything that Falk has been representing for decades now*: quick orientation, and at the same time convenient handling.

* The specialty of these city maps is that thanks to the patented folding developed by Falk, the city map can be used like a book. Thanks to the special Falk folding technique, the map will keep its handy pocket book format even when in use.

Splash water proof.

Dirt resistant.

Operable even with gloves.

Ibex / Pantera

Phoenix Design usually doesn’t work on the individual product. Rather, we think further, in terms of product portfolios, always bearing the brand in mind. Because despite all differences, Falk products need to be recognisable as such right away.

We see to that e.g. by consistently positioning and scaling the company emblem. In addition, we developed a “brand frame” surrounding the housing, signalling Falk as the originator already from a distance.


Outdoor navigation: Falk Ibex is a robust companion, ready for any adventure.


The bicycle computer for ambitious cyclists: take the Falk Pantera along to crack top times and climb mountain passes.


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Silvia Olp

Silvia Olp

Head of Communications

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