PHOENIX wins iF Design Award 2022!

With six Winner awards, the international jury of the iF Design Award 2022 honors the projects of PHOENIX and its customers.

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  • Deli - Atlas inkjet Printer

    Deli - Atlas inkjet Printer

    Atlas is a new inkjet printer for home users with a reduced, soft, and elegant design language. A fabric-like pattern brings this printer closer to consumer electronics than performance driven designs of traditional printers. With working from home becoming more and more important, this is a printer which is available in five cozy colors and perfectly blends into home environments and homey offices. Atlas contains ink tanks which are refilled with simple ink bottles. This drastically reduces print cost and is also more environmentally friendly compared to cartridges.

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  • hansgrohe - Aqittura kitchen mixer

    hansgrohe - Aqittura kitchen mixer

    With the Aqittura M91 SodaSystem digital kitchen solution, a special type of kitchen tap moves into your home. In addition to the standard functions, you can tap sparkling, medium or still water. The unique WaterRefinement plus with filter and mineralisation technology from MinTec® ensures innovative and optimised water enjoyment. The minimalist tap is available in three finishes and two designs. The SodaBase is cleverly designed and the heart of the WaterRefinement.

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  • hansgrohe - DogShower

    hansgrohe - DogShower

    The hansgrohe DogShower is the first product to serve a completely new customer segment for the brand: together with dog experts, an agile team developed a specific dog shower within a customer-centric, iterative innovation process. Soft, long massage nozzles clean the dog’s fur from shampoo and residues: dog owners can simply pet their dog clean. Three selected sprays and the curved form make dog washing more convenient. The hansgrohe DogShower is the first premium product of its category on the market and, with its four color variants, it harmoniously blends into the existing bathroom ambiance.

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  • hansgrohe - Rebris Mixer

    hansgrohe - Rebris Mixer

    The new faucet line Rebris impresses with its slim shapes and sleek modern looks. Available in both design variants Rebris S and Rebris E in matt black and in chrome, it is perfect for every bathroom look. With its soft shapes, Rebris S creates a harmonious look at the washbasin. Characteristic for Rebris S is the repetition of the rounding at the handle and spout. Rebris E is the modern interpretation of the design. The plane edge on the handle and spout underlines the timeless elegance. High quality appearance is created by the design line on the side of the faucets, the flat surfaces as well as the slim spout.

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  • hansgrohe - Jocolino children hand shower

    hansgrohe - Jocolino children hand shower

    For many children, time in the bathroom is no fun – and for parents, it’s a test of patience. With the hansgrohe children hand shower Jocolino, daily drama is turned into funny water games and precious family moments. The hand shower with the wildly shower head in three animal designs and with two spray types delights the little ones and directs their attention to something positive. With its slim ergonomic handle, Jocolino can perfectly be handled also by children’s hands.

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  • PHOENIX Academy - Snug App

    PHOENIX Academy - Snug App

    Society has spawned a twisted narrative on stress: it's accepted as a passing necessity of ambition that can be remedied through digital productivity tools that make us believe we're in control, when we're really not. The result: even more stress caused by more 'digital duties' created by overpopulated calendars, stale ToDo lists and too many reminders. snug is a mobile app aimed at revealing, managing and reducing sources of stress, specifically those induced by the use of digital services. snug opens a controversial discussion on the 'elephant in the room' and offers constructive critique on where the digital self-help industry is heading.

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  • About iF

    About iF

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