Interns on Precious Plastic

The final project of our interns has always offered the opportunity for an intensive examination of innovative, sustainable materials. This year, the traditional YoYo design is to be made from recycled plastic!

Download these pictures:
  • In close cooperation with the Open Source initiative Precious Plastic, who will provide our interns with the appropriate machines and know-how, we will first learn how to handle materials and machines in workshops. Designer Dave Hakkens has been working on the Precious Plastic organisation since 2012, when he was still studying at the Design Academy Eindhoven. He published the first version of a Precious Plastic machine in his final thesis. Since 2016, Precious Plastic has been publicly available, and in January 2020 it became an initiative with the ambition to develop an alternative recycling system.

  • The great thing is that anyone can join or support the initiative, for example by setting up a collection point for plastic waste or starting a local Precious Plastic network.

    The first step is to: Collect plastic! The entire Phoenix office supports this and thus automatically deals with the different types of plastic. Only the plastic types High-Density-Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Polystyrene will be used for the project. Information on the type of plastic can usually be found in the triangle symbol on the underside of the product. Before the plastic can be melted down, labels must be removed and the containers cleaned.

  • Precious Plastic's mission is to reduce plastic waste and generally raise awareness of the problem of non-degradable material. Whether through recycling, biodegradable materials or zero-waste life cycles, the solution approach of the Precious Plastic Initiative sees people as the decisive element in solving the plastic problem. The initiative sees itself as a networking platform of people, machines and knowledge with the aim of creating an alternative and, above all, global recycling system. We are happy to be part of it!

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