Aditi's Internship Review

Former intern, now working student - Aditi Surana, student in France and India talks about her impressions as an intern at Phoenix Design. Well then: Here's to many more exciting projects we can work on together!

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  • It's certainly no secret that developing new talent is an extremely important thing for us at Phoenix Design. Every six months we welcome new interns and every six months we have to say goodbye to them with a heavy heart - unless they just stay with us for a while, like Aditi: ex-intern and our new working student.

    Talking about her internship, she tells us that it is above all the step from theory into design reality that has brought her further with us: “I have been studying design for 5 years and my experience at Phoenix helped me join all the dots. To learn how all the learning is implemented in the real world. To make decisions and to trust them and most importantly to take responsibility and deliver.”

    At the same time, it's just great for Aditi to now be an integral part of the design community and grow from working closely with clients, she says. We were very happy about her support from the very beginning and are even more pleased that the internship could even exceed her expectations: “I always felt in a position to contribute to the team with constant support and nudge from my mentor every time it was needed.”

    One of the most important things for interns is that their time in a design studio opens up opportunities for the future - after all, an internship can be mentioned as something like the first step in a career. We are very pleased that Aditi is staying with us for the time being: “My internship at Phoenix has indeed opened multiple doors in the industry. For now, I’m excited to continue to have gotten the opportunity to continue as a Working student and help the teams until the end of November.”

    Well then: Here's to many more exciting projects we can work on together!

    About Phoenix Design: Phoenix Design is a design and innovation studio creating smart and substantial brand experiences, that make eminent business sense and which touch people – today, for tomorrow. Since 1987, products, interactions, and digital ecosystems have been created based on the fundamental values of Logic, Morals, and Magic. More than 900 design awards confirm the quality and continuity of the worldwide work. Today, the team comprising about 70 international experts at the Stuttgart, Munich, and Shanghai locations – together with its partners – are creating a joint vision of Smart Living.

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