• Design at the City Palais Stuttgart

    Design at the City Palais Stuttgart

    The former residence of King Wilhelm II of Wuerttemberg is again a place where history is being written – and where it is being narrated: at the Wilhelmspalais (located at Charlottenplatz), the first City Museum of Stuttgart is to open its gates in April 2018. The permanent exhibition called “Stuttgarter Stadtgeschichte(n)” (Stories from Stuttgart’s history) also takes a close look at topics in architecture and design, exclusively presenting a Phoenix Design design process.

    That Stuttgart is Germany's secret design capital is also supported by the important integration of design topics into the permanent exhibition at the City Museum. And Phoenix Design is of course an important contributor: For 30 years now, Swabian design "Made in Germany" has been taken from Stuttgart out into the world, and Phoenix Design has been honoured with a total of more than 780 design awards. Taking a typical design process as an example, the respective design steps behind the finished product are visualised and accompanied by explanatory texts. We are proud to be able to represent a piece of design history in this location, itself so rife with history.

    Beside the permanent exhibition “Stuttgarter Stadtgeschichte(n)” (Stories from Stuttgart’s history), special exhibitions, changing events, and the "Stadtlabor" (City Lab) on building, experimenting and discovering Stuttgart are part of the varied museum offer comprising four floors.


    Design at the City Palais Stuttgart