• FIRST . NOW. NEXT - The new Phoenix blog

    FIRST . NOW. NEXT - The new Phoenix blog

    Phoenix Design is celebrating its 30th anniversary! Time to remember, to celebrate the present, and to look into the future. Our anniversary is marked by opening our own studio in Shanghai, China, and by introducing our new blog.


    In our blog, we will regularly tell you about our origins, about the present, and about the future of Phoenix Design. We listen, write, and move. Look forward to reading fascinating stories. We want to share the unique Phoenix Design spirit – with texts that are heart-warming and intellectually inspiring.

    1987 – come with us and discover the origins of Phoenix Design.
    2017 – enjoy our success today together with us.
    2047 – read our thoughts about the future.


    FIRST . NOW. NEXT - The new Phoenix blog
  • Asia – Stuttgart – Black Forest

    Asia – Stuttgart – Black Forest

    On 9 October 2019, on their way to Schiltach in the Black Forest, interior designers from China and Taiwan stopped by at Phoenix Design in Stuttgart – the birthplace of many AXOR and hansgrohe products. "Design made in Germany" is still magical!

    Alvaro Witt, Senior Product Designer, and Yishu Tan, UX Designer at Phoenix Design, presented the studio in Chinese, too. Where do we come from? How do we work? What does research, teamwork or model building look like at PHOENIX? On concrete examples such as AXOR MyEdition and AXOR Uno, the Asian visitors also learned about our thoughts behind the design.

    The designers were accompanied by Stefan Hoske, Key Account Manager Architecture and Design at Hansgrohe Group.

    More about products for AXOR >>> here

    Asia – Stuttgart – Black Forest
  • GOLD at Focus Open 2019

    GOLD at Focus Open 2019

    At the Focus Open 2019, the international design award of the German Federal State of Baden-Württemberg, the winners have been chosen. GOLD goes to the water station LUQEL – Design by Phoenix Design. We are very happy indeed!

    The jurors for the “Focus Open” had to evaluate submissions in 18 categories this year. The product innovations came from China, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, and Slovakia. Among all submissions, the jurors selected a total of 59 award winners. 18 products received the premium award “Focus Gold” for outstanding design.

    The LUQEL Water Station also received a Focus Gold award, since it lives up to the highest aesthetic demands with its reduced forms and timelessly stylish design. This water treatment unit, which filtrates tap water in several stages and provides a healthy and enjoyable addition of minerals, was developed and designed in close collaboration with the LUQEL team. The digital touchscreens can be operated intuitively, and it works rather noiselessly, using energy efficiently.

    "A coherent and consistent concept that elevates water from an incidental beverage to the status of a precious semi-luxury. The absence of plastic components is exemplary, the handling well thought through. The monolithic housing with barely perceptible seams testifies to the high quality of the product and the design of the system’s inner workings is no less sophisticated," says the jury.

    Learn more about the product >>> here

    GOLD at Focus Open 2019
  • Designblok Prague – „Designing Authenticity“

    Designblok Prague – „Designing Authenticity“

    On 17–21 October 2019, the Prague International Design Festival will take place at the exhibition grounds of the Industrial Palace as well as in renowned design stores and galleries throughout the city. Andreas Diefenbach, Designer and Phoenix Design Managing Partner, will be on-site as a speaker on the first day of the event on behalf of our client Hansgrohe.

    First, Andreas Diefenbach will hold a lecture at the Faculty of Architecture at the Czech Technical University in Prague. At 6 pm, he will speak at the festival on the topic of “Designing Authenticity – the Design of AXOR MyEdition”.

    Hansgrohe will be present on-site with their own exhibition stand.

    The festival wants to promote trends, new products and developments in the world of design. The key sessions are focussed on three very special venues: the Superstudio, the Openstudio and the Art House.

    Learn more at >>> www.designblok.cz

    Designblok Prague – „Designing Authenticity“


    Phoenix Design, together with its clients Hansgrohe and LUQEL, wins three ICONIC AWARDS 2019: Innovative Architecture. All three submitted products receive the highest award "best of best" in this international competition.

    After four successes at the ICONIC AWARDS 2019: Innovative Interior, now the next awards follow. With the ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Architecture, the best architectural and design solutions are honoured each year.

    Two designs for Hansgrohe have received a "best of best" award: the Rainfinity shower family and the RainTunes shower scenarios.

    With Rainfinity, PHOENIX has designed a new archetype which integrates itself seamlessly into modern architecture thanks to its geometrical lines and soft surfaces. "The stylish white colour of the fixtures contrasts beautifully with the black spray zone and is a refreshing alternative to ubiquitous chrome. An exciting solution that combines technology and real user needs into an iconic design with high recognition value," says the jury

    "A truly groundbreaking solution that impressively demonstrates the possibilities afforded by digital technology in today’s bathrooms," is what makes RainTunes so special. Various shower scenarios synchronise music, videos, temperature, and the type of jet to deliver a multi-sensory shower experience, adapted to the respective mood of the user. www.hansgrohe-group.com/en

    For LUQEL, Phoenix Design has designed a water station, where water from the faucet gets filtered in several steps and enriched with minerals in a healthy and enjoyable manner. "With its formally reduced, timelessly elegant design, the LUQEL Water Station meets even the highest aesthetic standards, lends itself to intuitive operation via a digital touchscreen, is quiet and energy-efficient and, with a depth of only 24 cm, is amazingly compact – all of which clearly demonstrates that every aspect of this product was carefully thought through," as the panel of jurors states in its decision.



  • PHOENIX Lunch Talk

    PHOENIX Lunch Talk

    On Tuesday, 01.10.2019, Speaker Felix Kaminski, Youth Delegate for Sustainable Development 2018-2020 of the "Deutscher Bundesjugendring", Berlin, will come to the Stuttgart Studio for Lunch Talk. Lunch Talk at PHOENIX means learning from each other and using synergies. All employees are invited with the guest speakers. These come from a wide variety of design disciplines.

    The overcoming of poverty and social injustices between and within different states as well as the consistent implementation of the energy transition to combat climate change are Felix's main topics. He has been involved in various youth work positions. Felix initially completed a dual degree course and is now studying sustainable electrical energy supply at the University of Stuttgart in the master's degree. On 23.09.19 the UN climate summit will take place and on 24./25.09.19 the SDG Summit will take place. Felix will tell us fresh about the "summits". | www.jugenddelegierte.dbjr.de/en

    Afterwards (at 12.30 pm), there will be served a fine meal from the PHOENIX kitchen plus good conversations in order to learn from one another, benefiting from synergies. Our guest speakers will get insights into our world of Logic, Morals, and Magic.

    LunchTalk Speakers to date: Tilla Goldberg, Ippolito Fleitz; Markus Jehs & Jürgen Laub; Alexander Trage, Dorten; Marcus Fischer, Mackevision; Prof. Matthias Held, HfG Schw.Gmünd; Robin Hofmann, HearDis; Prof. Jochen Rädecker, Strichpunkt; Dr. Frank Heinlein, Werner Sobek; Martin Wippler, Klangfinder; Prof. Thomas Hundt, jangled nerves; Jürgen Späth, Projektriangle; Andreas Kunert, Leithaus-Film; Kai Bierich, Wulf Architekten; Marius Bauer, Umwerk; Vera Schmidt, Sr. Manager Advanced Digital Design, Daimler AG; Friedrich Schmidgall, HU Berlin; Roman Rackwitz, Engaginglab; Ahmet Sakali, Testingtime; Moritz Dörstelmann, FibR; Aline Käfer, LIGANOVA; Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, Red Dot; Joël Gähwiler, ZhdK; Ivan Mallinowski, and Christine Schaal, Containerwerk; Mattias Nirschl, Lumod; Rainer Hirt, Audity; Lisa Zech, STUDIO LZ; Carlo Maria Rauen, Neuroletic-Coaching; Felix Kaminski, Youth Delegate for Sustainable Development 2018 - 2020 of the "Deutscher Bundesjugendring", Berlin;

    PHOENIX Lunch Talk
  • Meet & Match – Like a Gentleman

    Meet & Match – Like a Gentleman

    On 26 September 2019, BIOPRO Baden-Wuerttemberg together with the coordination centre for telemedicine in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg and the nursing care network "Pflegenetz Heilbronn e.V." will host the event "Meet & Match" on the topic of Robotics in nursing care. Moritz Kemper, Principal Designer with Phoenix Design, participates with a section on Care-O-bot4.

    Under the title "Like a Gentleman – About the Design and the User Experience of Care-O-bot", Moritz Kemper will be one of six speakers talking about the design that went into this project. The service robot was designed by Phoenix Design in close cooperation with Franhofer IPA, and is marketed today by Mojin Robotics. A friendly look, and emotions transported via light signals, gestures, and facial expressions projected onto the interaction surface that's forming the head, serve the purpose of interacting with humans. It will be shown which benefits for nursing care may result form this.

    The service robot has already received a "Red Dot Award: Best of the Best", the highest award level in this international design competition. "Care-O-bot 4 is the expression of a new way of understanding the capacity for interaction of a robot with its surroundings. (...) Designed with softly rounded corners and soft proportions, this robot is fascinating in its subservient friendliness," as the jurors appreciated back in 2015.

    >> Learn more about Care-O-bot4

    >> Go to the event programme

    Meet & Match – Like a Gentleman
  • boma Summit 2019 – Brand Driven Innovation

    boma Summit 2019 – Brand Driven Innovation

    Phoenix Design accompanied the international Conference for Digital Transformation on 25–26 September 2019 in Berlin with a speech and subsequent round of discussions. Together with its client STIEBEL ELTRON, Phoenix Design represented by Design Business Manager Felix Mattes showed how an initially small design project may end up transforming an entire company.

  • PHOENIX Fans aus China

    PHOENIX Fans aus China

    China fever: young interior designers from Zhengzhou (10 mio city in China) visit PHOENIX in Stuttgart. They would like to know which stories our products tell, what are the trends in the sanitary sector and what digital topics will be relevant in the bathroom of tomorrow?

    Our designer Yishu Tan (chinese )and senior designer Alvaro Witt, have passed on the PHOENIX spirit to the extremely interested young interior designers. The designers from Zhengzhou are planning and designing big projects in China and around the globe. The hansgrohe and AXOR products are very popular, and now with the direct contact to the Phoenix designers and the stories behind the products - success is guaranteed.

    PHOENIX Fans aus China
  • Design Gala at the Soho House in Berlin

    Design Gala at the Soho House in Berlin

    "The Major German Brands" – a publication of the German Design Council was presented at a festive design gala in the Soho House in Berlin on 19 September 2019 .The book title of this year: "Future. Innovation. Design.". PHOENIX is proud to be one of the big German Brands 2020.

    The Design Gala welcomed well-known guests from design, business, politics, culture and science. The greeting came this year from Hartmut Esslinger, designer and founder of frog design. For us a special pleasure as the career of the founders of PHOENIX, Andreas Haug and Tom Schönherr, went hand in hand with Hartmut Esslinger and frog design. PHOENIX has been a founding member of the German Design Council for many years. Silvia Olp, Head of Communications at PHOENIX, represented the PHOENIX team in Berlin very well. We are pleased that as a design and innovation studio, in this publication we are allowed to tell about our attitude, values ​​and also about the responsibilities we have as designers. Also thank you to the German Design Council to speak about Brand and Design as a success factor, and to make the interests of companies and designers worldwide visible. The book "The major German brands" is available now. More information here >>>

    Design Gala at the Soho House in Berlin
  • Connect > Shanghai > Stuttgart

    Connect > Shanghai > Stuttgart

    China delegation at PHOENIX in Stuttgart. Yes, we speak Chinese! Our designers Yibing Ren and Yishu Tan (left in the picture) live and work in Stuttgart. They were able to inform the young entrepreneurs very well about the secret of the worldwide success of PHOENIX.

    The great interest in Design Made in Germany is unbroken. How do you bring brand into the product? How important is team spirit? What is behind logic, morality and magic? For pretzels and overlooking the vineyards on the Rotenberg, Yibing and Yishu have revealed our secret of success. What must remain secret, however, remains secret - photography ban is of course accepted. Thanks to Designflow for the excellent organization and the great enthusiasm of the guests at PHOENIX.

    Connect > Shanghai > Stuttgart
  • Interview zum Fellowship Programm

    Interview zum Fellowship Programm

    Markenmehrwert wird auch in digitalen Erlebniswelten durch Design geschaffen. Deshalb begleitet PHOENIX fachlich Promovierende am Graduiertenkolleg der Dieselmedaille im Bereich Nachahmungsunterdrückung durch IP, gemeinsam mit dem Rat für Formgebung und GMK Markenberatung.

  • YO-YO summer 2019

    YO-YO summer 2019

    YO-YO presentation summer 2019 ... also say goodbye to our interns. Here the impressions of the students Max, Felix, Tianchen und Linlin. Thanks for the great support and all the best for the futher. And we are sure we will see us again.

    YO-YO – a Special Kind of Talent Promotion. “Design a Yo-Yo!” More than 170 Phoenix Design Academy interns have worked on this challenge to date, and each yo-yo is surprisingly different. These yo-yos are the visible result of talent promotion filled with life. All yo-yos were created under comparable conditions: at the end of a sixmonth internship, over the course of two days. As to the concept and its realisation, the up-and-coming designers can tap the know-how of the experienced product designers, user experience designers as well as surface designers and model-makers, and get their support in all areas. The final presentation in front of the entire design team is also part of the assignment.

    The YO-YO-book >>> YO-YO from 1987 – 2014 can be requested: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.


    YO-YO summer 2019
  • Phoenix Design – New Managing Partners and Directors

    Phoenix Design – New Managing Partners and Directors

    Since the beginning of 2019, the new Management team, consisting of Managing Partners Andreas Diefenbach, Harald Lutz, Yifan Zhang, and Managing Director Joon-Mo Lee, runs the PHOENIX studios in Stuttgart, Munich, and Shanghai.

  • When Reduction Becomes Inspiration

    When Reduction Becomes Inspiration

    For a few months now, Andreas Diefenbach has been part of the Phoenix Design management team. In an interview with Wirtschaftsforum, he relates which changes his new role in the company entails, and what common denominators exist between Japanese calligraphy and his company.

  • Career Sprint Meetup

    Career Sprint Meetup

    Level up your career! Phoenix Design hosted one of the first Career Sprint Meetups on Wednesday, 17 July 2019 from 6.30-9.30 pm at its studio in Stuttgart! About 20 participants from the local UX community experienced a new concept of collaboration to know about the matching of skills from employees to available job vacancies.

    The goal of the workshop was to figure out desires, needs, and pain points of UX designers’ application process. Designer Oliver Kosic (re)presented our studio.

    Career Sprint Meetup
  • Phoenix Design Academy - cyc empowering cyclists

    Phoenix Design Academy - cyc empowering cyclists

    Cycling in urban areas is becoming increasingly popular. As part of his bachelor thesis, Christoph Wackher has developed a sustainable concept which among others optimizes the daily cycle routes according to personal preferences. The cyc service could complement existing general micro mobility solutions smart devices.

    The cyc service is controlled via an app that corresponds to a data carrier on the bicycle. The app provides digital access to your own cycling behavior as well as daily updates (big data). At the same time, information gained by all users can be the basis for general infrastructural measures. As an IoT solution, "cyc empowering cyclists" brings together the different requirements of the various parties involved in the system.

    >>> to the product

    Phoenix Design Academy - cyc empowering cyclists
  • Red Dot: best of the best > PHOENIX & TRUMPF

    Red Dot: best of the best > PHOENIX & TRUMPF

    And another Red Dot Award: best of the best in 2019 for the Track & Trace localization system for the world's leading manufacturer of laser and machine tools TRUMPF. Also great pleasure at Phoenix Design for this award. Only 80 products, out of more than 5,500 submissions, were honored with the "best of the best" - truly a great success for the PHOENIX design team.

    For the complex requirements of Trumpf Track&Trace localization system, PHOENIX has developed a user-centred, intuitively operational and differentiating design language. The international jurors evaluated the products according to strict criteria, comprising e.g. degree of innovation, functionality, formal quality, ergonomics and longevity. "Reduced to the essential, the perfect design of Track&Trace skilfully places the system’s highly specialised functions centre stage. The clear design language has been harmoniously adapted to indoor use in industrial environments (...).", says the jury.

    Press Release Red Dot 2019 >>>>

    Red Dot: best of the best > PHOENIX & TRUMPF
  • Red Dot: best of the best > PHOENIX & hansgrohe

    Red Dot: best of the best > PHOENIX & hansgrohe

    Phoenix Design won the highest award in competition Red Dot 2019: best of the best with its design of hansgrohe Rainfinity collection. Out of more than 5,500 entries, only 80 products were awarded the "best of the best".

    With hansgrohe Rainfinity, PHOENIX has designed a new archetype which comes across as progressive yet familiar. In combination with the “hansgrohe Home App”, the shower family with RainTunes provides an innovative, digital shower experience. The international jurors evaluated the products according to strict criteria, comprising e.g. degree of innovation, functionality, formal quality, ergonomics and longevity. "The Rainfinity shower collection inspires with its clear lines and excellent quality. Its subtle design interprets well-known geometries in an exciting manner, projecting a new use of forms. Paired with smart and functional solutions, the collection has emerged as a novel approach towards showering (...).", honors the jury.

    More "Red Dot Award 2019: Winner" Phoenix Design & hansgrohe:

    - hansgrohe Croma E 280 Showerpipe
    - hansgrohe Ecostat E CoolContact Thermostat

    Here is the press release >>>

    Red Dot: best of the best > PHOENIX & hansgrohe
  • Phoenix Design Academy - Shadow Light

    Phoenix Design Academy - Shadow Light

    Light and shadow can be experienced both in a desk lamp. The Phoenix Design Academy is a platform for the visions and studies of the Phoenix Design Team. With the "subtle shadow" concept, Tiantian Xu has succeeded in creating a luminaire design that controls the individual lighting requirements and also integrates acoustically effective elements.

    The shadow lamp satisfies individual need of light and shade. Acoustically effective paper technology with grooves on the surfaces is used for sound insulation, the fine shadow stripes throw a subtle calm on the table. Paired with an OLED plate and bending sensor as well as flexible spring steel links, the subtle form of "subtle shadow" adds that extra touch of poetry that also enriches the office environment.

    >>> more details product

    Phoenix Design Academy - Shadow Light