A lot happened in 2017…

Anniversary celebration at Phoenix Design! Time to remember, to celebrate the present, and to look into the future. And to review the past year.

In September, we opened our own studio in Shanghai; Joon-Mo Lee and Andreas Diefenbach are the two new members of the Management Board; we renewed our Corporate Design; and we started our new Blog.

Our new corporate magazine FIRST. NOW. NEXT – fresh out of the printing press – gives insights into the Phoenix Design history, examines how we work, presents our particular fortes, and reflects on the challenges of the future.

Early November saw the climax: our big anniversary party at the BIX jazz club in Stuttgart. Together with our team, our clients, and our business partners, we celebrated 30 years of Phoenix Design – an unforgettable evening. A percussion performance starring products from the past few years created the unique Phoenix Sound.

Mit Referenz auf unsere Anfangszeiten hat sich unser Logo über die Jahre hinweg weiterentwickelt und ist zu einem griffigen Symbol für verlässliche Werte geworden, die offen dafür sind, eine breite Vielfalt zukünftiger Herausforderungen anzunehmen.
— Joon-Mo Lee, Design Strategy Manager und Member of the Board


New Corporate Design

It all started back in 1987 on a yacht in the Caribbean – when Andreas Haug and Tom Schönherr set the seal on their dream of their own design studio. Over the past 30 years, Phoenix Design has developed into one of the most successful studios for Product and Interaction Design in the world.

Press release "Corporate Design" Logo

The basis: the commitment of all Phoenix team members, and a unique philosophy consisting of “Logic, Morals, and Magic”, also visualised in our new logo.

You can now read about where we come from, how we think, and how we view the future in our Phoenix Magazine FIRST. NOW. NEXT. Find all stories in depth on our new Blog.



Anniversary party at the BIX

On 7 November 2017, more than 200 team members and invited guests celebrated 30 Years of Phoenix Design at the BIX jazz club in Stuttgart. All enjoyed the splendid atmosphere until the early morning hours, plus hits from the past three decades.

Our new logo was omnipresent, a slide show presented working day images from Phoenix Design, and a photo box was great fun indeed ... and in the midst of it all, Fraunhofer IPA service robot Care-O-bot 4 shoved through the crowd.

The evening's highlight: the percussion performance. Four Stuttgart artists took products from our clients and numerous design trophies and created the unique Phoenix Sound. We’ve captured this evening on video and photos so that as many people as possible can enjoy this memorable moment with us.

Press release "30 Years"