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  • User first: UX Design Practice

    User first: UX Design Practice

    “User first: UX Design in der Praxis” (“User First: UX Design in Practice”) is the topic of an aed event held in cooperation with the “Design Center Baden-Württemberg” on 13 April 2016 between 7 pm and 9 pm. Johannes Schäfer, Design Team Manager at Phoenix Design, will speak on “User Experience Design” – which has long since been an inherent part of Phoenix Design product development.

    The area of UX Design stands for “User Experience”, meaning the experiences a user gathers with a product. The standard DIN EN ISO 9241-210 defines “User Experience” as the “perceptions and reactions of a person resulting from the real and/or expected use of a product, a system, or a service”, comprising “... all emotions, notions, predilections, perceptions, physiological and psychological reactions, behaviour and performance taking place before, during and after use.” In order to design a good UX, however, you first need to know who the users are, which aims, motivations, knowledge they have, in order to then derive the respective requirements from that.

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    User first: UX Design Practice