• Phoenix Design & MCBW

    Phoenix Design & MCBW

    Die Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW) vom 04. bis 12. März 2017 hat sich in den letzten Jahren zu einem der Anziehungspunkte für internationale Top-Designer, Architekten, Kreative sowie Wirtschaftsvertreter entwickelt. Das Motto 2017 "The Smart Revolution“ wird dabei großgeschrieben. Neben dem Phoenix Design Talk & Party am 07.03.17, sind wir noch an weiteren Orten sichtbar wie folgt:

    MCBW mit Phoenix Design:

    Sa. 04.03.17 10:00 – 18:00        
    Ausstellung – Deutsches Museum MCBW Forum. Eröffnung mit Service-Roboter Care-O-bot4
    sowie Prof. Dr. Wolfgang M. Heckl, Direktor Deutsches Museums.

    So. 05.03.17 13:00 – 13:30        
    Vortrag – Deutsches Museum MCBW Forum. Robotik: Gestern Heute Morgen!
    Referent: Joon-Mo Lee, Design Strategy Manager, Phoenix Design und Care-O-bot4

    Mo. 06.03.17 18:30 – 22:00         
    Preisverleihung – BMW Welt am Olympiapark (nur auf Einladung).
    Verleihung Bayerischer Staatspreis für Nachwuchsdesigner mit Service-Roboter Care-O-bot4
    und Ilse Aigner, Ministerpräsidentin, Bayern.

    Di. 07.03.17 19:00 – 22:00           
    Design Talk & After Party – Studio PHOENIX DESIGN Munich.
    Smart Robots_Making of.  Mehr ….

    Do. 09.03.17 11:00 – 12:00
    AXOR Talk – Deutsches Museum MCBW Forum. „Das neue Bad: Smart? Revolution?“
    mit Werner Aisslinger, Designer; Bernd Eigenstetter, Managing Director, Phoenix Design;
    Stefan Hoske, Senior Consultant Architecture and Design, AXOR/Hansgrohe;
    Moderation: Katharina Altemeier

    Fr. 10. 03.17 18:30 – 02:00           
    Preisverleihung – BMW Welt am Olympiapark (nur auf Einladung).
    Verleihung des iF design award  & iF design night 2017.
    Phoenix Design on stage!

    Phoenix Design & MCBW
  • Gold at German Design Award

    Gold at German Design Award

    Phoenix Design is honoured to receive five German Design Awards this year, one of it in gold! The coveted awards will be handed over on Friday, 10 February 2017, at the “Ambiente” trade fair in Frankfurt/Main. An exhibition on the trade fair grounds will showcase all winners.

    The Gold award goes to the Kobold VK200 upright vacuum cleaner equipped with the EB400 automatic electric brush, developed in close cooperation with the Vorwerk design department. “The typical Vorwerk DNA in terms of shape and colour in a modern and contemporary design interpretation”, according to the jurors. In January, this vacuum cleaner already received the ICONIC AWARD: best of the best.

    One winner’s award each goes to the Kobold VK200 equipped with the SP530 wet cleaning vacuum head as an “elegant, top-modern technology item”, and to SUMMERA by Phoenix Design. This suspended luminaire sums up European design culture – playfully light in its clear forms, serene colours, and uncomplicated functions. The panel of jurors particularly appreciated the easy-to-handle mechanism for changing the magnetic canopy.

    One “Special Mention” award each goes to products by hansgrohe: the Rainmaker Select 460 1jet with Shower Tablet 700 Installation, and the Shower Select Glass series with its innovative touch technology. The elegant, comfortable design and the use of high-quality materials are the reasons for this jury decision.

    We are very happy, together with our clients hansgrohe, Vorwerk and Shapes.


    Learn more about the award-winning products

    About the German Design Award

    Gold at German Design Award
  • Design Talk Smart Robots

    Design Talk Smart Robots

    Within the framework of the MCBW, we're inviting you to take part in our Design Talk "Smart Robots – Making of". TUE 7 March 2017, starting at 7 pm. Location: Phoenix Design Studio Munich. Following the MCBW motto "The Smart Revolution", we'll bring service robot Care-O-Bot 4 to Munich for a few days, together with the Fraunhofer Institute.

    At the design talk we speak also bout the little brother "Paul". He is already in use as a pilot project at SATURN in Ingolstadt. The "Smart Robotic Revolution" is in full swing. How all these processes are presented and brought into reality, we will discuss on TUE 7 March 2017. Program as follows:

    Welcome: Bernd Eigenstetter, Managing Director, Phoenix Design, Stuttgart/München/Shanghai

    Talkmaster: Armin Scharf, free Journalist
    Sonja Moosburger, Head of Digital Transformation & Projects at Media-Saturn-Holding, Ingolstadt
    Michael Fischer, Executive Partner European Leader Strategy & Design - Distribution Sector IBM Global Business Services (GBS)
    Dr. Ulrich Reiser, Team Leader Robotic and Assistenz Systems, Fraunhofer-Institut/IPA, Stuttgart
    Moritz Kemper, Senior Interaction Designer, Phoenix Design and Lecturer at Züricher Hochschule der Künste/ Zurich University of the Art

    Follow the robot party with snacks and more.
    Registration required, limited free tickets:

    +++ UPDATE: Due to high demand, unfortunately registration is not possible for now. If you are interested in the video recording from the design talk, please contact us via Enable JavaScript to view protected content.. +++

    Get in the mood on Sunday, 5 March 2017, 1 pm, MCBW FORUM, Deutsches Museum München, by attending “Robotics: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow!”, a speech held by Joon-Mo Lee, Strategy Design Manager, Phoenix Design.


    Design Talk Smart Robots
  • Interpreting a Toy Classic

    At the conclusion of their internship, Philipp, Andrea, Hugo, Malvina, Yibing and Carolin present their interpretations of a Yo-Yo. A completely edible Yo-Yo, a programmable Yo-Yo app, a miniature mixing desk integrated into the Yo-Yo, a calming Yo-Yo necklace, an asymmetrical Yo-Yo and a quite puristically designed Yo-Yo are the individual ideas created by the Phoenix Design interns.

    Still, all Yo-Yo’s designed by our interns are focused on achieving the aim of concentrated and distinctive use. They are developed in a two-day time-frame towards the end of a six-month internship.

    Since 1988, Phoenix Design has presented each intern with the same task, as a farewell present, as it were: “Design a Yo-Yo!” This means designing interaction – not only between the Yo-Yo and one’s wrist. What is also meant is the exchange where job starters and experienced designers can learn from each other. Based on their own know-how, the young designers may turn to the experience of Product Designers, User Experience Designers, Surface Designers and Model Makers and garner their support in all areas.

    The Yo-Yo presentation in front of the entire team is one of highlights twice a year for the Phoenix Design team members, too.

    Since September 2016, our interns have achieved valuable work and brought to bear their creativity. For this, we say “Thank you!”, wishing them all the best for the future!

    The YO-YO Book may be ordered from Enable JavaScript to view protected content..


    Interpreting a Toy Classic
  • Living internationality

    Arttu-Matti Immonen, Interaction Designer (l.) and Stefan Andreesen, Senior Product Designer (r.) are joining our Stuttgart team now. Phoenix Design has thus managed to win over two more experts with a long-standing track record in international work.

    Arttu-Matti Immonen studied Industrial Design in Lahti/Finland before enrolling in a Master of Engineering in Product Design programme at the Kyoto Institute of Technology. What started in 2008 as a fascinating semester abroad expanded into an 8-year stay in Japan. He learnt Japanese and moved to Tokyo after his graduation where he started his career in Package & Brand Visual Design. At Ziba Design, he finally worked as UI Designer for local technology and automotive companies, realising their visions of the future. He will put his knowledge of the Japanese market to good use in projects as Interaction Designer with Phoenix Design.

    What internationality means to him? Internationality is very contextual and in order to master the mindset, one must be willing to adapt and hopefully have flexible surroundings that truly facilitate this. In Finland, where he comes from, it was the proficiency of speaking a foreign language. In Japan, where he speaks the language, it was the feeling of an internationally oriented "foreigner". Back in Europe it means the integration into a flexible society: to learn German altough English would suffice.

    Stefan Andreesen studied Industrial Design at the Braunschweig University of Art (HBK), where he graduated in 2006. After a semester abroad at the University of East London and following his Diploma degree, he went abroad again – this time to the Netherlands. In Amsterdam, he spent ten years working for Philips Design in the household appliances area, dealing with global-scale projects. He now takes his expertise to Phoenix Design as a Senior Product Designer.

    For me, internationality means an immense enrichment in terms of different perspectives. Which perspectives are created due to different socialisation in different cultural spheres is to him just as exciting to observe as is discovering what we have in common with people from other parts of the world.

    Living internationality
  • Semester Exhibition at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

    Semester Exhibition at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

    The semester exhibition marks the end of the winter semester at the University of Design Schwäbisch Gmünd. Students of all courses presented their semester and graduation work in various design disciplines on 10 and 11 February 2017. Part of the exhibits were supported by Phoenix Design.

    Our lecturing designers Bianca Hanauer, Sven Feustel, Matthias Oesterle and Moritz Kemper accompanied the process design projects over the past months. The topic of “Fire and water in the kitchen context” saw the emergence of creative ideas spanning a wide range from modern kitchens via innovative kitchen devices all the way to mobile outdoor cooking experiences. The challenge consisted in depicting the entire product process, from research through potential deployment areas.

    An exhibition warm-up was already hosted by Phoenix Design on 26 January in Stuttgart where the students presented their works to their fellow students.


    About the semester exhibition

    Semester Exhibition at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd
  • Kitchen and hansgrohe

    Kitchen and hansgrohe

    At IMM LivingKitchen, hansgrohe presented its complete solutions for the kitchen, which were developed in cooperation with Phoenix Design. Andreas Diefenbach, Design Business Manager at Phoenix Design, spoke in the interview with the blogger of minimenschlein.de about the new sink combinations C71 and their importance for the modern kitchen.

    As a mother of two children, Leonie writes in her blog about things that concern young families. This also includes the kitchen as a social center. In the interview, the designer talks about the thoughts that led him and his team during the „KitchenInnovation of the Year® 2017“ - from comfort to intuition.

    Read on minimenschlein.de/inspiration.


    Kitchen and hansgrohe
  • New PR Team

    New PR Team

    Carolin Schobel reinforces the press and public relations department of Phoenix Design. The communication scientist will take care about the digital communication of Phoenix Design, especially the homepage and social media.

    Thereby she supports Silvia Olp who previously was responsible for corporate communications on her own. We welcome her warmly!


    Your contact persons:

    Silvia Olp (r.), Head of Communication, i.a. print/press: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.
    phone +49 711.955 976 55 / mobile +49 160.889 4377

    Carolin Schobel (l.), Communication Manager, i.a. digital: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.
    phone +49 711.955 976 75 / mobile +49 173.729 4632


    New PR Team
  • Making of video creative modeling

    Making of video creative modeling

    In-house model making. This is where Phoenix Design’s heart is beating. Top secret, fast and perfect – that’s how first prototypes, functional models and design studies come to life here. Insights into a coordination process > Making of Video Model Making

    Phoenix Design is working together with a team of highly professional design modellers in a top-equipped model making workshop. For us, model making is a fundamental element in product development. Fast connections and short distances allow designers to coordinate with model makers right away and get their concepts up and running right as intended.

    Making of video creative modeling
  • Phoenix Design – Overview

    Phoenix Design – Overview

    Logic, Morals and Magic. The things that move us – pithy and to-the-point. Compiled in a handy brochure with 74 pages, perfect as a vade mecum. We'll be happy to send you a copy.

    To order, simply send us an email containing your contact data.
    Contact: Silvia Olp, Head of Communications, Enable JavaScript to view protected content..

    Phoenix Design – Overview


    For the seventh time already, the HANSGROHE DESIGN PRIZE by iF, honouring up-and-coming designers, will be awarded. Andreas Haug is one of the jurors. Deadline for submissions: 13 January 2017. Prize winning ceremony and publication of winners: 22 February 2017.


    The HANSGROHE DESIGN PRIZE by iF calls up students and graduates from all design disciplines to present their creative concepts on “Efficient Water Design: Digitalizing the Modern Bathroom”.