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  • Congress Mensch und Computer

    Congress Mensch und Computer

    Congratulations to Cristián Acevedo his contribution "Storytelling: A story in 6 steps. Tips and tricks to tell stories about user experience and products" was awarded with the "Best Session German UPA ( Usability Professional Association )". Phoenix Design has be presented at the congress “Mensch und Computer” [Human Being and Computer] taking place in Aachen, Germany, two inspiring speeches on “Social Digital - Breaking New Ground Together”. This platform supports the exchange and further development of a lively and multi-facetted community.



    Phoenix Design presented as Speakers: Johannes Schäfer, Design Team Manager and Cristián Acevedo, Senior Designer. >>> Details to the lectures!

    The conference combines the scientific congress Mensch-Computer-Interaktion (MCI)  [human computer interaction] and the practical conference UP16 – Usability Professionals. Mensch und Computer 2016, Aachen

    Congress Mensch und Computer