• AXOR Talk with Bernd Eigenstetter

    AXOR Talk with Bernd Eigenstetter

    "The new bathroom: smart? revolution?” – that's the title of the AXOR Talk taking place on Thursday, 9 March 2017, from 11 am to 12 noon, at the Deutsches Museum/MCBW Forum in Munich. Bernd Eigenstetter, Phoenix Design Managing Director and also responsible for the Interaction Design, is invited to present his “digital” expertise as one of the talk guests.

    The panel will debate how digital a bathroom can, should or must be. How “smart” ought products for bathrooms be, considering people think of it as their refuge? It is a place in which to relax and refresh. On top of which, it is also the room with the longest “life span” of any house. How can the various products help make a bathroom genuinely “smart”?

    Katharina Altemeier will host the discussion with Stefan Hoske, Senior Consultant Architecture and Design, AXOR/Hansgrohe, and designer Werner Aisslinger.

    Bernd Eigenstetter will talk about product intelligence in general: How does the design world react to the digital requirements? The bathroom of tomorrow must be more than just a fad, it needs to find answers to demographic change. In terms of technology and design – anything is possible. But the question to ask is: What does really make sense?

    This AXOR Talk is the third event within the scope of the Munich Creative Business Week that Phoenix Design will take part in.

    On 5 March 2017 Phoenix Design will already be represented at the MCBW Forum by Joon-Mo Lee, Design Strategy Manager, and his speech "Robotics: Yesterday Today Tomorrow". On 7 March 2017, Phoenix Design will conduct its own Design Talk "Smart Robots Making of" in its Munich studio.

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    AXOR Talk with Bernd Eigenstetter