• Yo-Yo goes Domotex

    Yo-Yo goes Domotex

    Following the main theme "Unique Youniverse", DOMOTEX will take place in Hannover on 12–15 January 2018. Phoenix Design will present itself on this trade show which is the most important one for carpets and floor claddings worldwide, within the scope of the exhibition "Endless Uniqueness" in Hall 8–9 with its own proprietary Universe Box with Yo-Yos from the Phoenix Design Academy.

    Focussing on the societal megatrend of individualisation, manufacturers, designers, architects and interior designers from nearly 60 countries will meet at the DOMOTEX trade show 2018 to present their latest developments and ideas.

    The exhibition "Endless Uniqueness" will turn the main theme into an interactive experience. With an individual Universe Box, 50 designers will visualise their very personal interpretation of self-determination and uniqueness. The respective boxes are placed vis-à-vis a kaleidoscope in which the boxes and the visitors are reflected. In this walk-in mirror installation, everybody can combine and change the different materials so that a self-designed, individual universe is created.

    Phoenix Design will stage selected Yo-Yos for this, reflecting the work of young talent at the Phoenix Design Academy. Towards the end of their internship at Phoenix Design, the design students have only three days to create their very own personal Yo-Yo, independent of design specifications. Principal Designer Sven Feustel mentors the program.

    Yo-Yo goes Domotex