• The End - or not?

    The End - or not?

    The end – when is a project finished? This is the seminar topic that students from the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (HfG Karlsruhe) discussed with Product Designer Alvaro Witt. The designer related how we at Phoenix Design define the end of a project. He then gave our visitors a guided tour around the studio and the Design Modelling Workshop.

    Dr. Oliver Herwig, lecturer at HfG Karlsruhe, accompanied the students. Here’s his conclusion:

    The end will come. Guaranteed. But we are so engrossed in making and creating that we don't really think about when a project is truly finished. Is it the moment when the last instalment payment is in the bank? Or when the client nods? When all time allotments have been used up, and everybody's nerves are on edge? All too often, we define ourselves in relation to outside factors. So when does a project really feel complete?

    To find out more, the seminar “The End” at HfG Karlsruhe visited Phoenix Design in Stuttgart and received interesting insights into the daily workings of a successful design studio. How are products and services really created? Which tools do designers use, and how do they allocate their time and their resources? Just this: Apparently, their needs to be a balance between creative work and a fixed structure, between time management and flow. The surprising thing about this: Phoenix has no use for that notorious 24-hour end-of-project stress injection. Those who have not slept well and who are not wide awake can no longer be creative. And the end? Well, it's often the beginning of a long-lasting partnership which will reach far beyond any one concrete project. NB: A designer’s work is never done.

    The End - or not?