• Phoenix Trainees

    Phoenix Trainees

    Welcome for the next 6 months – our new Phoenix Design interns have arrived: Leonie, Lena, Agnes, Benny, Marvin, Tony (from left to right) and Valérie, connected from our studio in Munich precisely for this photo.

    They come from all over Germany. Studying in Stuttgart, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Pforzheim, Darmstadt, Munich and Berlin, our interns arrived on 1 March 2017 at Phoenix Design in order to contribute and expand their knowledge and skills in Product Design, Interaction Design and CGI.   

    During the first two weeks, they went through a workshop together with our mentors, and they drafted their first project. Taking two companies as an example, our interns have designed different smart watches – one group for mobile gaming, the other with a user focus on elderly people.

    We hope they will be having a good time and wish they can gather valuable experiences at Phoenix Design.


    Phoenix Trainees