• Phoenix Design at the “Bayerischer Hof”

    Phoenix Design at the “Bayerischer Hof”

    Since a few days ago, the proprietary channel at the hotel "Bayerischer Hof" broadcasts the salon talk “Technology and Games – about the Pleasures of Lateral Thinking”. With host Nina Ruge as moderator, this topic was discussed by Andreas Haug, Managing Partner & Founder of Phoenix Design, and Alexander Schlaubitz, Vice President Marketing with Lufthansa.

    Do we have any freedom left for lateral thinking? This turned out to be the most important question during the second salon talk of the four-part series Talking about Style and Posture. “The salon talks offer a great opportunity for partners and sponsors to present their brand and to engage in networking with an exclusive target audience”, says Simone Nickl of Nickl-PR, Projekte für Wirtschaft und Kultur [projects for business and culture].


    The audience was invited to reflect once again about the importance of intuition. “Real lateral thinkers can be quite taxing, since they will first of all utter things which surprise you. But for me, that’s an indicator that somebody has really thought something through, and I take it as an incentive to listen quite closely”, says Andreas Haug of Phoenix Design.

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    Phoenix Design at the “Bayerischer Hof”