• German Ambassadors and Phoenix Design

    German Ambassadors and Phoenix Design

    Once a year, all German ambassadors convene in Berlin. For the first time, the topic “Design – Made in Germany” will be discussed, on 30 August 2016. The conference focusses in part on presenting the international importance of design from Germany. Phoenix Design are invited to hold an impulse speech, and Design Strategy Manager Joon-Mo Lee will present our views.

    The workshop is part of the business day during the ambassador conference. This year’s conference takes place under the title of: “Responsibility, Interests, Instruments – Germany and the International Order”. Within the scope of this ambassador conference, the business day takes place on Tuesday, 30 August 2016. In addition to content events like speeches, forums and workshops on central issues like gas supply, Brexit, Germany’s place in global competition and others, there are numerous possibilities for individual exchange.

    For the first time, this year will see a workshop discussing design as a vital part of the so-called creative economy. The workshop bears the title: “Design – Made in Germany” and focusses in part on presenting the international importance of German design. In addition to the contribution by Phoenix Design, further impulse speeches are planned: by the General Manager of the German Design Council, Andrej Kupetz, as well as two impulse speeches by the ambassadors from Rome and Tokyo. This will be followed by a hosted discussion where representatives from this business area and the Heads of representations abroad will have their say. The workshop will be hosted by Dr Andreas Görgen, Director-General for Culture and Communication at the Federal Foreign Office.

    The Federal Foreign Office offers an exciting format with this workshop, demonstrating the international and economic importance of design from Germany, e.g. as seen from the perspective of an internationally leading independent design studio for product and interface design: Phoenix Design. On the one hand, our aim is to present the design industry as one of the most valuable market segments of the creative economy in terms of turnover and to emphasise the importance of design as an important factor for business and innovation. Design is a prime example of the connection between the creative economy and traditional business areas. On the other hand, the organisers want to establish the creative economy as an individual and substantial area of business and as a growth industry, encouraging the ambassors to keep it in mind and take it into account as part of the foreign trade support programme. The example of the design industry, or of design-focussed business and communication, respectively, is a very good way to highlight the export potential of the creative economy: Germany as the country where industrial design originated with Werkbund, Bauhaus, and the Ulm School of Design, has attained the status of “World Champion for Design Exports”.

    German Ambassadors and Phoenix Design